Falling Asleep With Music

After having my own room for my entire life, suddenly having to share a dorm with a stranger was an interesting transition. I've gotten used to it and I'd like to say we are now decently comfortable around each other, but I still have not gotten used to another person's breathing, and occasional snoring, less than eight feet away from me when I'm trying to sleep. I've started to listen to music to go to bed and now I can't imagine trying to fall asleep any other way. 

I started to look more into the effects of falling asleep with music playing and according to this article, it can actually improve a person's memory. Researchers have found that that sound can enhance oscillations that happen during slow wave sleep. These oscillations are very important when it comes to retaining memories. Unfortunately, tests concluded that sound stimulation only works when the sounds happen in sync with the slow oscillation in deep sleep. When it is in phase though, researchers believe that it might be able to improve sleep. 


This is very interesting. I am one of those people who can't fall asleep when there is noise so I don't think I could fall asleep listening to music because I would get distracted and probably just start jammin out instead of trying to go to sleep. Maybe I wouldn't listen to the right type of music because I don't think I could listen to "soothing" music. This is good to know though because if I ever start having memory issues, I'll start listening to music while trying to go to sleep.

For some reason I just need peace and quiet when I sleep. Would love to be able to improve my memory but its just impossible for me to get any sleep with much noise. Enjoyed reading your blog though.

I tend to be one of those guys who can listen to music while they are falling to sleep. However, if it's a song that literally makes he want to jump up and dance, it tends to be counter-productive. Specifically: anything sombering such as classical comes on Pandora, then I can fall asleep much faster. In a weird way, I just let my mind drift, and before you know it, I'm waking up the next morning.

I personally do not like listening to music when I sleep because I feel as though it distracts me. However I found this cool article on how listening to music may bring people to full recovery...check it out!


I never was the type of person that absolutely needed music to go to sleep, but listening to it does help on nights when it's tough for me to go to sleep. I always turn on something that puts me at ease and that helps me relax my mind. But I honestly can listen to any kind of music as far as soothing or hype and still fall asleep to it. I'd just prefer the more chill type of music because it helps me sleep quicker.

I had truly never heard of that hypothesis! I am the sort of person who likes absolute silence when going to bed since I am a very light sleeper; I also have terrible memory. Occasionally I do add some nature sounds to my sleeping background to help me relax, but never actual music. I might actually try this for a week or two and see if it has any positive effects on my memory.

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