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Electronic cigarettes also popularly known as E-cigs were first introduced to the U.S. market in 2007. Since then they have been on the rise. In a year alone their numbers raised from 10% to 21% between 2010 and 2011 (Forbes). 

If you do not already know, electronic cigarettes are said to be a safer alternative to regular tobacco brands. But according to Ray Casciar, MD, FRCP, they are just "the lesser of two evils." He's absolutely correct. Nothing involving nicotine being inhaled through the lungs is safe. Damage is still being caused (Medical News Today). Not much is known quite yet about E-cigs and certain chemicals/ingredients have yet to be fully disclosed. So allow me to fill you in on what is known about this innovative invention. Instead of tobacco, the plastic tube, which resembles and ordinary cigarette, is filled with liquid nicotine which then turns to vapor once heated. E-cigs are made up of several cartridges full of the nicotine and can be re-used. This is appealing to consumers because it is saving them money. Electronic cigarettes normally run anywhere between $60-$150 with several reusable cartridges. 5 cartridges are equivalent to one pack of traditional cigarettes (Discovery Fit & Health).

Many people who are against E-cigs do not have a problem with the appealing price, but the way in which they are purchased. They are typically sold online and require no proof of age. People are worried about the attraction of a younger crowd. Teenagers may also be drawn towards the product because they are sold in a variety of flavors: chocolate, caramel, strawberry and bubble gum. Yes, it is an alternative to tobacco, however you can still become addicted to the liquid nicotine. The FDA is concerned about possible side effects of inhaling this substance. For example, raised carbon monoxide levels in the blood stream.

Over the years electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity because they can be smoked, or should I say puffed, virtually anywhere. Most commonly hotels, restaurants and even hospitals. These types of public places have no choice but to allow them because they are designed to not give off any foul odor or harsh smoke. While they may not produce any second hand smoke, they do however produce second hand vapor. While the vapor is not necessarily unsafe, it can be irritating to certain individual's eyes, nose, throat and stomach (Discovery Fit & Health).

To wrap this up on a more personal perspective, I am in favor of the electronic cigarette trend. I am not a smoker but almost every member of my immediate family is. E-cigs allow my family to enjoy their habit without endangering or irritating myself. I am rather sensitive to the smell and smoke given off by traditional cigarettes, but with the E-cig I am completely comfortable. 


1 Comment

I definitely agree with your opinion on E-cigs! While at the game last weekend, a guy a few rows ahead of us was smoking. At first I was bummed because I really did not feel like inhaling that terrible smell for the entire game. But when I noticed there wasn't a smell and that it was an E-cig, I felt better. That guy's choice to smoke is his choice, and though I don't support it, I can't tell him what to do. However, I don't think its fair when people who choose not to smoke are subjected to that terrible smell and get smoke blown in their face. I think E-cigs are a much more considerate option to all the non-smokers out there who are not interested in second hand smoke.

Even though they are a better alternative, I really do not support smoking in any way. It is totally unnecessary and is simply detrimental to your health. Here is a list of toxins found in E-cigs.

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