Eat Dinner, Get Drunk

So today my roommate told me about a medical condition where a guy ate dinner and blew a .37 in a breathalyzer without taking a sip of alcohol. Sure, my roommate may have been exaggerating or lying, so i decided to check this out. Sure enough, i came across this article about getting drunk from eating. This is a real thing. However, it may not be to the extent to having a blood alcohol level of a .37. 

The University of Washington in Seattle has a Toxicology laboratory that looked into this because it could possibly impair a driver's ability to drive a car, aka drunk driving.Here's the article they wrote about the subject. 

Being that you're all college students or have been in college, I'm sure you guys know that alcohol is made using something called yeast. That is basically what happens in a persons stomach that has "auto-brewery syndrome". Whenever they eat a lot of starch, it would start the fermenting process in their stomachs making a type of alcohol which would in the end, get in their blood making them drunk. Who needs a home brewery when you can have a stomach brewery, am I right? imagine a world with no more Natty Light. Wild stuff.

          This is like moonshine in ones stomach...


Brennan! As I was reading your blog I remembered hearing about random foods that make you appear to be drunk or high because of the ingredients or the chemicals in the food. I remember one of them being poppy seeds. I found an article on Fox News about this. Apparently they opiates in them! Opiates are a narcotic. This is crazy! Don't worry, eating some poppy seeds won't make you fail a drug test but there have been cases of it happening!

I can see eating poppy seeds whenever you drink as the next big movement in college towns...

This is pretty nuts. It's kind of hard to think about us being drunk without actually being drunk. The only issue I would raise with this is that a ton of people that have pasta dinners would blow high BAC. That would create havocs in local jails and there would be an absurd amount of court cases for it.

Wow that is pretty crazy I had no idea that was even possible. This topic reminds me of a video I just saw also dealing with alcohol! A few guys hook up kegs to their friends' apartment while he's out of town! It is pretty extreme (also scientific) definitely recommend checking this out!

Getting drunk from eating food? I have never heard of this before and it is very interesting to see that something like this could happen. So if this is possible and people BAC rises due to food, would it affect you the same as alcoholic beverages? It's an interesting theory to say the least.

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