E-cigarettes: The Newest High School Craze?



After responding to the smoking poll in class today, we concluded that most of us did not smoke regularly. After countless health classes and lectures, it's obvious that we aren't blind to the fact that smoking is bad for you. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped tobacco companies from trying to entice us. I have to read US Today daily for my PR class, and after seeing countless articles about e-cigarettes, I thought it was about time I learned more about them.

For starters, these battery operated cigarettes still contain nicotine, but in a vaporized form. This means they are still addictive and can still damage the lungs. Many companies are offering e-cigs as a healthier alternative to smoking when little to no information is known about what they contain. These products are not regulated by the FDA, but will be soon.

According to USA Today, 21% of smokers have tried e-cigs, and 67% of adults who have tried them tend to smoke less. So is this helping people quit? It could be. But then the new question rises, who's getting hooked? E-cig companies are starting to target younger audiences with the appealing "modern technology" of the product. The NY Times reported 1.8 million middle and high school students admitted to trying e-cigarettes in 2012, which is a startling amount. E-cigarettes even come in various flavors, so let's face it, these kids are not just trying them once. While adults may be using the e-cigarettes to wean themselves off of regular cigarettes, adolescents have just opened the door to the tobacco world.

We're not stupid, we really aren't. We know cigarettes are harmful to our bodies. We know they cause lung cancer. It's evident that the addictive characteristics of cigarettes make it difficult to quit, especially with the help of technology creating intriguing new ways to smoke, like e-cigarettes.  Once people get hooked there's no turning back, which is why tobacco companies are starting to make products appealing to a younger audience. It's sickening that companies rely on our deteriorating health to make money, but hey, that's the world we live in today. 


It's really interesting to me that you made a blog about this! My mom has actually smoked for awhile now and this is an alternative she has found to help her stop. She isn't using the regular ecigs, but they have a little more expensive ones that you can buy liquid for and they come with different doses of nicotine in them. With the ones she has, regular smokers can begin to use smaller and smaller doses of nicotine and still have the feeling of smoking the flavored liquid! With that being said, it is very apparent that what you said is true too about the modernize cigarettes attracting the younger audience. Great blog!


I agree that the electric cigarettes may be helping active smokers reduce the amount of nicotine they use daily. Like Alyssa just said, they have helped her mom. In that way, they are beneficial. However, these e-cigs are attracting younger consumers to start smoking which is VERY bad, and not beneficial in any way. Three people in my family have died from lung cancer, and smoking was the cause for two of them. It is really sad how many people die annually from smoking and illnesses from smoking. Here is an article from the CDC about tobacco related mortality. http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/health_effects/tobacco_related_mortality/ It is a sad truth in the modern age, and with the smart technology that keeps emerging, you would think people would get smarter about these issues as well.

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