downfall of summer

I love summer- who doesn't?! But does anyone actually like the mosquitoes?? DOUBT IT.. Mosquitoes are annoying in general, but then having bug bites and possible illnesses suck. Do you ever wonder what makes the mosquitoes swarm to you? According to Web MD there's extensive research being done to find what about the chemistry in our body attracts the mosquitoes, but they do know that people with high levels of cholesterol and steroids on their skins surface. Mosquitoes also target people with high levels of certain acids, like uric acid for example.
I think mosquitoes are really gross in general, and then I found this website and I began to hate them even more. The life cycle of mosquitoes starts with them in an egg, then they transform into larvae, pupa and then to the adult mosquito.

The larvae and pupa in this picture of the life cycle look so gross and make me want mosquitoes to never touch me again. So if you are the same, there is a new mosquito repellent that has been made! In this National Geographic article, it talks about how Ulrich Bernier, invented a new repellent that basically blocks all skin odor, which according to this article is pretty amazing. Also, this is a really good thing for us because with repelling the mosquitoes, we have decreased our chances of getting diseases like West Nile Virus. This repellent hasn't been released to consumers yet, but they say when it is released that it could be applied to the skin for indoor and outdoor use, or it could even be admitted through the air from a closed container.


I for one feel as though I am always the target for mosquitoes. It drives me nuts. Knowing that there is actually scientific data for why this happens is slightly comforting. I am definitely going to have to get my hands on that new repellent. Great post!

The nuisance of mosquitoes, uuugh. Great to hear about the prospect of the odor blocking repellent. Hopefully it will be a good replacement for the reportedly failing repellent called Deet. This article talks more about Deet

Coming from someone who lives in the middle of a wooded, marshy area, I am definitely more at ease hearing of such a discovery. Mosquitos are nothing but a pain (or itch) in the butt, and having to spray down the area around our home every summer with poisonous, plant-killing insecticide is certainly not a fun task. Hopefully, with this new repellent coming to light, there will, perhaps, be a decrease in demand for such dangerous, mosquito-inhibiting products that end up causing more damage to us than the pests themselves. Here's a link to an investigation of how poisonous insecticide is to humans- I think it'll prove a little shocking to the reader, as it points out even fetuses can be negatively affected! Check it out:

I think we all can be hopeful for healthier summers with the discovery of this new, less harmful repellent!

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