Don't Hold Your Breath


I'm not going to lie to you all. I'm a total freak when it comes to catching illnesses from other people but I can't be the only person out there who secretly holds their breath for a little while when somewhere in their vicinity coughs or sneezes. I've always believed that I could magically breath in all of their germs if I did not hold my breath for long enough after they have passed me by. It's a bit ridiculous but to my fellow germaphobes out there reading this blog post-- keep reading. I've got some pretty disappointing news for you. Sorry.

It's totally gross when someone sneezes into the air and doesn't use the Dracula technique. In such an instance, trust and believe that when I pass you by, I will NOT be breathing.  I want no parts of any of this: 

uncovered sneeze.jpg

Apparently, holding your breath just isn't going to cut it if you truly want to avoid catching germs from people. In reality, it's pretty much just a giant waste of time. An article on How It Works Daily reads, "Breathing in these droplets can lead to infection, but the most common way of catching a cold is actually by touch."  Sorry folks. All this time we've been holding our breath thinking that it was a fool-proof way to avoid others' germs has been a total lie.

            Soap and water are your best resources when it comes to cleaning up after germy encounters. If that's not available--  your next best alternative? Hand sanitizer. Check some of my previous blog posts out for a few pointers that could be beneficial to you when you are out and about, interacting with the millions of germs that seem to exist around us.




Dorisa, I actually never heard of this phenomenon before. It is quite interesting that people think that but I can definitely understand your reasoning. I have heard before though that the way germs are spread is by touch so that aspect doesn't surprise me. I didn't know that soap was a better option than hand sanitizer. That's good to know for the future. Thanks for the insight!

I really am over the whole 'germaphob' mentality. Last fall, I was constantly sick from living in the dorms. My roommate was unfortunately a germaphob. I was cleanly and threw away my dirty tissues, coughed and sneezed into my elbow, and kept away from her things, but that wasn't good enough. She decided it was appropriate to spray me down with Lysol while I was sleeping which in turn caused me to have a huge coughing fit and become more sick because I just inhaled something that is a respiratory irritant. So, if you are afraid of germs, PLEASE do not spray your roommate down with Lysol in their sleep. I'm all for some good hand washing, but when you take it as far as she did, you start to fall into the OCD category.

Caio, soap is definitely the way to go if it's available but if it isn't and your hands just need a little bit of cleansing, there's nothing wrong with using some hand sanitizer for a quick clean up! Check out some of my other blog posts for some tips on hand sanitizer use!

Laura, it's definitely unfortunate that your roommate was that adamant about sanitizing your room (and you too, I guess.) I just can't help but laugh at the fact that she sprayed you with Lysol in your sleep! Whenever my dad was sick, my mom always would Lysol around him religiously. A little crazy but pretty comical when you think about it. Sorry about your old roommie!

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