Don't Feel Guilty About That Glass of Red Wine

Did you know that drinking red wine can actually benefit you in many ways? For example, scientists have discovered that drinking red wine can refrain harmful bacteria from sticking to your teeth! Having a glass a day can actually help keep teeth healthy and lessen your chance to need fillings. White wine is high in acid and can actually do damage to your enamel.

Red wine can also help reduce inflammation and gum disease. A study in Italy shows that the wine will help your teeth and saliva fight off certain bacterias. Also some antioxidants in red wine may be in assistance of helping protect the lining of the blood vessels in our hearts. These antioxidants can also help increase the levels of "good" cholesterol in our bodies.

There are certain probiotics in wine that can also help with energy. It can release energy within our bodies. If you're going to drink an alcoholic beverage wine is more beneficial than beer and other spirits and some studies show those who drink wine actually live longer. There are polyphenols in wine that can also help you seem younger. The resveratrol can also be considered a big factor in keeping our brains so sharp.

Also, at school, I find it especially hard to be healthy, but some studies show that wine can actually help fight off colds! People who drink around 14 weekly glasses of red wine are 40% less likely to catch a cold. So this winter to fight off cold season do yourself a favor and pour a nice, hearty glass of red wine.


There are some negative side effects that go along with drinking red wine also. First, there are the negative side effects that come along with alcohol. Im pretty sure that it would still be better for you to just eat grapes and not drink wine. Also, red wine can also lead to gout. Check out this article to learn more.

As soon as I'm 21 I'm gonna try this to help with those fall weather colds... I think it's also pretty interesting how it can also help with your teeth and lessen need for fillings. I've also heard that drinking a glass of win in general while pregnant is also not too bad. But don't quote me on that cause 1. I'm not a woman and 2. I'm not a doctor. But if you would like to check out more on the topic..

That's really interesting! I never thought that drinking wine could be beneficial. Since I'm not 21 yet, I haven't gotten to experience the benefits, but here's an article showing more benefits!

It is very interesting what benefits consuming certain types of food can have for the human body. But it is important to remember however that in moderation it can be good for the body. But it is important to remember if taken to excessive amounts it will most certainly do more harm than good as with many things.

I've always heard that a glass of red wine a day was good for your health but I never knew exactly why or if it was even true. I found it really interesting that this claim has been proven to be true and actually does have some significant ways of helping to improve your health. Red wine might also be good for your heart too! it is shown to be able to prevent heart disease by protecting artery damage and more! You can read more about it here

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