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Everyone has seen domestic dog and cats throughout their life. I always wondered why dogs are always different in shape and size, while cats tend to look the same and are roughly the same size. While researching why this occurs, I came across two answers: dogs have a slippery genome and are used for other jobs then just being a pet. 

The slippery genome allows there to be a much faster breeding/mutation rate. The differences we see in dogs is caused by the slippery genome. Therefore, dogs have such different sizes and looks because of the slippery genome. Domestic dogs are all considered the same species because they all have the same number of chromosomes. The differences we see come from the 'sequences in the gene changes'. As humans, we can pick what two types of dogs we want to breed and in return get a dog we want. Different breeds can mate and make new variations of dogs. There are about 400 dog breeds in the world and they are bred for specific reasons. The slippery genome makes it easier for the breeding to happen and make new breeds. 

Size for cats is not as important because they basically have two jobs: hunt rodents and be pets. Dogs can be used for many more different reasons then to hunt and to be pets. Sizes of dogs range more because the jobs that they have to do range more widely compared to cats. 

I think the coolest dog breed is the Siberian Husky.  According to this list of top dog breeds, the Siberian Huskies are number one. With their piercing blue eyes and white with white spot fur, I do not know how anyone could not like them! But, the more interesting thing is that Siberian Huskies were developed centuries ago by the Chukchis of Northern Siberia. The dog breed was brought to Alaska in 1909 for racing purposes. With their power and toughness, these dogs were fit for any task given to them. They were used as a transportation method, protecting children, and racing. This is just one example of how dogs are bred for specific reasons and that breeding can create amazing types of dogs! 


What is your favorite dog bred? 


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Hey Christina!
Your blog really caught my attention because my dog was a boxer and black lab mix. Unfortunately, she passed away in March. My family misses her a lot but she was very ill so we know she is definitely in a better place now. It amazes me that there are 400 dog breeds out there! I have heard of some interesting ones that have really funny names. Once I saw you mention how certain dogs are breaded to do specific jobs, I immediately thought of greyhounds that are used for racing. Unfortunately, greyhound racing is not as pleasant as it is made out to be. Greyhound races bring in millions of dollars in the gambling industry. However, since many people have realized just how cruel greyhound racing can be, many have stopped going to the races. However, the lack of money going to the race tracks leads to poor track conditions and poor care of the animals. When the greyhounds get hurt or get too old to race anymore, they are often times just shot in the head and killed track workers because the dogs are no longer of use to them anymore. I was reading a story on the Peta website that said:

"In a similar case in the U.K., an undercover investigation by the Sunday Times revealed that a builder’s merchant had been taking healthy greyhounds who had been judged by their trainers to be too slow to race, killing them with a bolt gun, and burying them in a 1-acre plot behind his home. The paper estimated that the man had killed more than 10,000 dogs over a 15-year span"

Greyhounds are, unfortunately, treated as if they are a mere expendable object when, in fact, they are a living creature that does to deserve to be abused. They are kept in small crates with muzzles and often get parasites. But to tie all of this back to your blog; greyhound puppies can be bread specifically for optimal racing quality. If a puppy is not born with the traits that the breeder wants, the puppy is often brutally killed. Dog breeding can be a very interesting subject but for the greyhounds it is very violent and cruel.

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