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What are you scared of the most? Is it something that might seem scary or threatening like a snake or a shark? Perhaps it is something man made like flying on an airplane. But not many people think about the small things that are so much more deadly such as a bacterial infection. The thing that I find the most terrifying is contracting a deadly disease which there is no cure for. I know that it would be something that I have little control over and could do nothing about it. While there are many people who will die from disease it is still reassuring in the knowledge that for many disease there are drugs that can be used to cure them. So when you begin to hear talks about antibiotic-resistant bacteria you start to pay a little bit more attention to what is going on concerning this problem.

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I began to read an article the other day about how every year more than two million people in the United States contract antibiotic-resistant infections and over 23,000 people die as a result of these infections. ( <a href="">Report call out health threat</a> ) The question is where are these new forms of diseases coming from and how did they mutate and evolve this way? As I looked into this more I was quite shocked when I found out the reason why this is happening. It appeared that there were two main reasons for these bacteria developing resistances to the drugs once used to treat them. The foremost source of it is the overuse of antibiotics in the industrial livestock production. Antibiotics are fed in mass to these animals to prevent them from becoming sick when crammed in poor living conditions. The second being the over use of antibiotics in people. The CDC stated that antibiotics are being heavily overused in humans and animals which needs to be stopped. After reading into this problem I was quite shocked at how people could abuse antibiotics in such large amounts and that these actions could potentially lead to the deaths of many people.


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This was a really interesting article! It made me think of the way Andrew described Malaria to us in class. Also today in class, Dr. Agre talked about counterfeit drugs that also made a large impact on avoiding disease. Imagine a world in which we worked to avoid a disease as well as its' cure. This article, here, talks about how fake antibiotics were found in SIX states in the US. I had no idea this was a problem in the United States as well!

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