Does Chicken Noodle Soup Actually Help?

After waking up last week hardly being able to swallow because my throat was so sore, I of course followed the age old-advice and ate hot, chicken noodle soup with almost every meal until the cold finally subsided. Honestly, I just ate it because I knew the soothing effects it had on my throat, and who doesn't like a good bowl of chicken noodle soup? As I thought more about it, there are other foods/beverages that have the same affect when you feel sick such as warm tea and honey or other soups. This terrible virus, coming with the symptoms of a sore throat and congestion, seems to be getting passed around so I decided to look into whether chicken soup has other benefits aside from the immediate soothing relief. Turns out, there is science behind it (of course). 

We get congestion during a cold because when the virus infects our body causing inflammation, white blood cells are triggered to fight it. These blood cells have a hard time fighting off the infection, so as a result, the production of mucous begins and voila, there you have your stuffed up head and scratchy throat. After conducting an experiment at the University of of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, involving homemade soups along with 13 brands of canned soups, Dr. Stephen Rennard and fellow researches found that it is likely that "some ingredient in the soup blocks or slows the amount of cells congregating in the lung area" which causes relief from development of congestion (Schorr, 2008). 

So not only does chicken noodle soup have its immediate relieving effects and act as a great comfort food, it can also suppress the terrible symptoms of your common cold. Check out the video of Dr. Stephen Rennard's further explanation, along with his grandmother's own homemade recipe here, and best of luck staying healthy this season! 
Schorr, Melissa. "Chicken Soup Really Is Good for a Cold." ABC News. ABC News Network, 17 Oct. 2008. Web. 11 Sept 2013.


Thanks, Amy! I'm glad to see this works! What a great, drug-free way to heal when sick! I wonder if the cold-soothing ingredient is only found in chicken noodle soup. Is it the chicken? The chicken broth? The noodles? I wonder if the same goes for other soups. Being a vegetarian I would like to experiment with other varieties of soup this winter! If anyone else wants to try, here are some easy veggie soup recipes!

Hey amy, I liked this topic because I too always wondered growing up if these myths of eating soup and drinking hot tea with honey actually worked. After reading your blog, I am definitely convinced they have some impact on curing minor illness.

Also, according to this website, honey is proven to have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help fight off bacteria. Not to mention, it's a great substitute for sugar as it can help with weight loss!

Hello Amy! I am so glad to see that Chicken Noodle Soup actually works when you're sick because I'm literally OBSESSED with homemade soups. I love them all the time! If you look at this link, it has a wonderful recipe for homemade CNS with homemade noodles (my favorite) :)
Have a good afternoon!

Hey! I swore I saw somewhere on Dr. Oz that chicken noodle soup has not been proven to help the common cold....but, from your article and my findings, that seems to be proven wrong more than once. I wonder if other soups help too? Like vegetable? Or is it just strictly chicken noodle? To answer my own question (and maybe you have the same one), I found this! Because how many cans of chicken noodle can you consume and not get sick of it? Next time you get a cold you could maybe try these! If not, how many cans of soup do you think it takes to "cure" your cold?

Also, with taking down all that soup comes with a high amount of sodium. Some other ways you could look to cure your cold can be found on this website! I hope this helps!

This absolutely makes sense, seeing as we always go to soup when were feeling in the dumps! The anti-inflammatory affect that it has is great for when you have a common cold and are looking for a great meal that not only tastes good, but makes you feel better as well! Up until now I had thought that the chicken noodle soup cure was a myth and shouldn't be used to really help. However I also found an article referring to the Nebraska study! Very useful to know that a food can help us fight off colds and virus's.

I was sick the first week of school, and my mom's advice included having some soup and other hot liquids such as tea with honey. I agree that it happens to have such soothing affects and made me feel that much better. Having a sore throat is terrible and often advil and other pain relievers do no justice. Here are some natural remedies to ease the pain.

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