Do Music Lessons make you more intelligent?


What do Sir Isaac Newton, Neil Armstrong, and Benjamin Franklin all have in common? Besides being known for being successful people, they were all musicians.  Some people believe that taking music lessons at a young age help make a person more intelligent, by raising their IQ.  Found on the Daily Infographic, were some of the benefits gained from taking music lessons as a child.  These include, "improved math skills, reading skills, and memory skills". "In a study of 96 children aged 5-7 years old, those who received 7 months of supplementary music and arts classes earned higher mathematics scores than those with the schools' typical music and arts training".  This alone shows the increase of intelligence in the children after only 7 months of training in music.  It is also shown that "in a collection of 24 studies with sample sizes of over 500,000 high school students, researchers found a strong correlation between music instruction and higher test scores". This shows that not only are the math scores increasing in elementary aged children, high school test scores are increasing also.  Later studies show that SAT scores are also effected by music lessons.  "A study of 500 high school students found that those who engaged in some form of music lessons scored 57 points higher in verbal comprehension and 41 points higher in math".

 Personally, I believe that music lessons do help raise the intelligence of a person.  Based on the studies, the music lessons are the cause of the student's IQ raising.

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This was very interesting to me, so I also looked it up to see maybe if I had enrolled in music lessons when I was younger, I would be smarter! I stumbled upon this article which seems to disagree. However, it's not to say that your information is wrong because it very well might be right. Not quite sure who I agree with but it's interesting to see the different sides of the story!

Wow, I've never thought about music lessons making children smarter so I'm glad you wrote a blog about this. When I was younger I took piano and flute lessons. In total, I took them for about 5 years. Looking back, I feel like I was definitely "smarter" for my age group than I am now. Maybe taking lesson gave me the drive to learn more which overlapped with my schoolwork. However, I could be completely wrong about my intelligence as a child. I found this really interesting Forbes article that supports the idea piano lessons can raise IQ's.

Megan: It really is interesting! I did the same thing, and it really could go either way. I took piano lessons as a child, and maybe it did help me with my studies, but it's hard to tell now!

Sara: I also took piano lessons, but for about 9 years. I also felt that I was higher up in my grade as for IQ, but despite the facts in this blog, I really do think its difficult to measure. The article you attached is really interesting!

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