Do crows have their own language?

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I don't know about you, but personally, crows have always freaked me out. As a symbol of death, I hate the foreboding vibe I get from them. 

I remember awhile ago, my older sister told me crows had their own language, and I had to investigate further. And in fact, crows do have their own language, as well as a couple of other creepy, yet fascinating qualities.

So all that cawing you hear in the morning? That isn't just noise. Apparently, they conspire with one another. Scientist aren't sure if they can call it an official "language," but the crows are communicating with one another in an "advanced fashion," according to David Dietle from Crows are even thought to have regional dialects as well, according to National Geographic. Now that's insane!

Dietle also suggests in his article that crows have the ability to memorize your face, play tricks on one another and plan attacks or events. Dietle discusses an experiment done on a college campus where certain students wore masks while tagging seven crows. Later, those students walked around campus wearing the same masks, and the crows that had been tagged started dive-bombing and attacking only the people with the masks. Even some crows that had not been tagged began joining in on the attacks as well. 

Let's hope you were nice to the crows that invaded Penn State last year...they know who you are. 


1 Comment

Hi Sierra, I was so excited to see your post because I actually have an insane phobia of crows and all birds in general. I do not like how vulnerable they make me feel, flying above me. I also associate crows with bad omens and scary stories, because they always seem to symbolize something morbid in literature and other subjects. I am not surprised to learn that crows are rather intelligent and have their own sort of language. It is crazy that they can recognize faces so well, they clearly are very vengeful birds. I also know that State College has a crow problem and had to go to great measures to try and stop them. Here's an article about it you might like!

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