Do Concussions Affect your Personality?


The amount of concussions that occur over the course of a year is outrageous, about 1,275,000 a year.  Concussions effect many parts of a person's life, including symptoms like headaches, nausea, balance issues, memory problems, concentration issues, sensitivity to light and sound, and many others.  Personally, I have suffered from several concussions, and have always wondered if concussions effect one's personality, or if it was just the symptoms frustrating a person.  After doing some research, I found that personality changes don't come directly with the concussion, but with something that is referred to as Post Concussive Syndrome.  Post Concussive Syndrome is a "series of symptoms that follow a blow to the head", says Dr. Shree Bahlero. They also said that "Headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, depression, personality changes, impaired concentration, insomnia, reduced sex drive and lowered tolerance to noise and light are just some of the possible symptoms".  There it is again, personality changes.  What do people mean by personality changes?  For me, I had major frustration.  Not just when things didn't go my way, all the time.  A "normal" fifteen year old obviously goes through normal obstacles and frustrations, but not everyday for 6 months following a blow to the head.  According to this article on The Star, these symptoms can last up to a year or longer.  So is it the actual blow to the head?  You could say that, even though the symptoms don't come right away, or even to everyone who sustains a concussion.  According to Dr. Charles Tator, a neurosurgeon at Toronto Western Hospital, "Studies show that 30 per cent of concussion patients suffer from post-concussive symptoms".  So basically, 30% of all the people sustaining concussions a year, will suffer from post concussive syndrome.  While suffering this syndrome, they can experience personality changes, such as sadness and anger.

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Since I have received a concussion playing lacrosse in high school, I can relate to this post. Just so happens a very good player on my team suffered up to 6 concussions over the course of his sports career and the effects were quite startling. He had trouble focusing in class and his grades were effected greatly. Also, I could personally see a difference in his personality over the years. He talked much slower and his reaction time was also slower. It is sad to see how much these hits can effect a person. A player on the Lions who I thought had a lot of skill was Jahvid Best. The problem was that he got multiple concussions and now he no longer plays in the NFL. There is no doubt though, that concussions are much more serious than what the average person thinks.

I completely agree with you! I suffered from 4 concussions before I turned 16, and I had suffered from post concussive syndrome. So for me, it's amazing to see people who don't think concussions are serious. I guess some people have to experience it to believe it, but they definitely are serious!

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