Do animals talk?

Have you ever wondered if why dogs bark? Or why cats meow or why snakes hiss? Did you ever think that they're trying to say something. Like actually say something and not just get your attention. I know I have. Turns out they don't. I know it's sad. I think the most upsetting part is that no one won't ever be able to put on their resume that they speak dog. But the cool thing is that animals have other ways of communicating. For example, dolphins slap their tails on the water. Peacocks show their colorful feathers to attract the other sex. One of the cooler things that I found out is that whales communicate differently depending on what region they're from. They make different pulses, tones, and pitches depending where they're from. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. So next time you hear a dog bark or cat meow just think that in some way, they are actually communicating. In their own "language". Check out this article.


Wow, I'm actually really shocked I watch my dogs bark at each other all the time and i was convinced that they were talking to each other. Now that I know they are just making noise it is going to be a lot less cute. I do find it very interesting that animals can communicate with body language and even smells. The whale information was very interesting and I just have to send you this I cant help it Whale Talk :)

Any time a dog barks at me I assume it's trying to talk at me! It's saying play with me or get away from my food, or look at that squirrel. Dogs and humans really just connect, so it's easy for humans to assume that dogs can talk to us, especially if they can understand certain commands. I know that I always assume dogs are thinking things a lot like the dog from Up

This post just broke my heart in all honesty. I can't even count the amount of times I've talked to my dog and she's put her head in my lap and whined. I always thought aw she's listening she understands me. While I'll accept that they don't talk, I would definitely like to argue the fact that they still hear, listen and understand just as well. That's all that matters right? We all have people that talk back, even if we don't want them to. But I can say I'll always have someone to just listen and understand and still believe she knows what I'm saying but just can't talk back :)

I understand that animals aren't exactly speaking in their own language, however they are communicating to others when they make noises. Take wolves for example. Most of their communication consists of body language, but they howl when they sense danger and need backup. Each animal communicates differently. Here's the article on wolves. You should definitely look into more animals and how they communicate.

What a bummer! I definitely feel like my cat tries to communicate with me on a daily basis, back at home. His shrill meows calling me from the kitchen always let me know when he wants to be fed. But, I can see where cats have there own particular language, because I have noticed the interactions of my two cats. Their demeanor says a lot about the mood they are in, as well as a great deal of body language. You can usually predict a cats mood by watching their ears or tail movements. This article explains and breaks down the actions of the feline variety.

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