Déjà Vu: All Too Familiar of A Feeling

Imagine standing in a foreign country you've never traveled to before. You're sightseeing and suddenly start to feel like you've seen that particular monument or famous building before. It seems like it's this super natural force that can't be real life. What is this indescribable feeling? Déjà vu. We've all heard of it and chances are most, if not all of us have experienced it. It's literal translation is "already seen." Whether it be for 1 second or for as long as 30 seconds, the feeling of experiencing something for a second time that you've never actually experienced before is definitely an alarming and unexplainable feeling. When you really think about this, it truly seems impossible. So what causes this crazy sensation? According to this website, that was provided by Penn State itself, déjà vu is something that still hasn't really been explained by science. Throughout the years, different scientists have had different theories as to the reason behind this phenomenon. Repressed desires and collective unconscious have been ideas, but as the science world became more educated on how the brain worked, the less likely these theories were. There was even thought that it was caused by one part of the brain visually seeing something and then the other side of the brain got that delayed information and stored it as a memory. 
If you ask me, déjà vu is something that could never be explained or scientifically proven as to why people experience this. For all we know, we could be experiencing it because we saw something like that in a past life. Or maybe we have a parallel universe and our life in another universe is crossing paths with our life in this universe. Now I'm just sounding crazy, but déjà vu is a crazy thing that will forever leave me perplexed. To read more about how the brain works and the different areas of the brain click on the link above or go to this site for an even more in depth look at how the brain works. Maybe you think of a better reason than mine as to why déjà vu happens. 
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Hi Mackenzie,
I decided to comment on this because i am someone who expierinces this weird, unexplainable feeling all the time. I even question sometimes if i have lived a past life and have experienced the events or situations then. But then I just tell myself I am crazy! Honestly though, who really knows...like your blog said, deja vu is something that hasn't yet been proven or explained scientifically. Here's a link that goes in depth a little more about how deja vu works: http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/extrasensory-perceptions/deja-vu.htm ... It's really cool so if you're still interested be sure to check it out!

I've always wondered why deja vu occurs and, although there is no clear cut answer, the explanations you pulled from your sources make some sense! Deja vu is such an interesting and mysterious phenomenon and I really enjoy learning about how the brain functions, thus why I'm majoring in Psychology.
The link listed below is a video on Youtube that breaks down possible reasons why deja vu happens too, and it is easy to understand! I enjoy watching videos as opposed to reading about information because it's more interactive and easier to understand (in my opinion)!


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