Dawn of the Dead: Australian Scientists Bringing Back Extinct Species

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Rheobatrachus_silus_with_baby.jpg    Yes, you read that right. Australian scientists are working on de-extincting a frog that went extinct in 1983. An article on MailOnline says that we humans carry the obligation to bring back species that we caused to die out. The scientists began to resurrect the southern gastric-brooding frog. This frog is a strange creature, let me tell you. The female frog will swallow fertilized eggs and give birth orally (ummm, no thank you). Sadly, the frog when extinct before scientists could truly study them. The scientists are using the cloning technique of somatic cell nuclear transfer to bring these frogs back to life. 
     To clone to the frogs, the scientists took eggs from a close frog relative and put cells from the extinct frog into those eggs. While this method seems complicated, scientists believe that if any problems occur, it will be due to the technology. 
    Even though this process is ground breaking, scientists are afraid of the de-extinction process and where it could go. Many are afraid that the resurrection of the extinct will hurt the living animals. The other problem with de-extintion is that their living habitats could of been affected by humans. The species could be brought to life and then die because it can't live in this new world. Even though de-extinction could be the newest breakthrough, don't expect dinosaurs to be roaming around the earth again. What are your thoughts on the de-extinction process?

1 Comment

Kaitlyn, love your post! Ive never even considered extinct species coming back to life. Could they be as popular as they once were though? Also, where is the line drawn when de-extincting species? Could we even bring back dinosaurs?

After reading your article, I looked into de-extinction more. According to this article, there are definitely some drawbacks to "bringing life" back into a once extinct species-- they went extinct for a reason, right?

What do you think? Do you think the pros outweigh the cons? or vice-versa?

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