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Hello my name is Kevin Sahraie. I am from Demarest, New Jersey. I am majoring in economics and currently trying to earn focused modules in international economics as well as Human resource and public economic studies.

I am taking this class for many reasons, one of which being that it satisfies my GN requirement to graduate. I have also heard nothing but good things about this class and the professor. After a recommendation from my advising counselor I decided to go for it and enroll into the class.
The reason why I am not majoring in science simply because I am not good at it and never had a real interest in the subject.

This a picture I took of the great wall in china while interning there this summer

this is a pretty cool article on why the us is losing out to outsourcing


I really liked the article you posted with your post. As an IST major, I found this very relevant to one of the classes I'm currently taking. I've heard many people insult Steve Jobs for outsourcing jobs that could be completed in America instead. But the fact is that workers in other countries need these jobs just as desperately, and are willing to do the tasks at a more efficient pace. I think this is a great article for all young Americans to read.

By the way, interning in China sounds really exciting! Hopefully you have some future posts about that.

I meant to paste this link about the benefits and disadvantages about outsourcing in my first comment

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