Coughing Up a Storm

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Lately in the media, DMX (short for drug dextromethorphan) has been getting a lot of attention. It's likely found in cough suppressants that are sold at your local pharmacy or drugstore, over the counter. Although it doesn't cause much damage, it has a history of being abused by teenagers for the same effects as alcohol.


The effects are definitely a reason to cause a controversy, ranging from confusion, dizziness and disorientation to rapid heartbeat, numb limbs, and even death. It affects the central nervous system, which leads to tragic outcomes.

Teenagers these days do not care about the causes and effects of their actions, they usually just want to have a good time. Because alcohol isn't available for those under 21 and is usually more costly than medicine, purchases have been on the rise, and this is a major problem. 

When I stumbled across the concept online, I thought it might need extra attention. Not everyone is aware of this, but it certainly intrigued me. More accessible that other drugs, it has some chilling effects. If something legal can give you muscle spasms, panic attacks, vomiting, and delirium, what does that mean for the future of medicine?

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What's even more chilling is that we casually ingest this drug to make us feel better when we are sick--with what effects? Surely all of us at some point have taken a little bit too much of Nyquil and had trouble waking up or felt odd in the morning thanks to the medicine. Experts agree that doctor supervision must be accounted for whenever using this drug, especially when it is being used alongside another oral medication.

For future references, the most common brands containing this drug, with a combination of possibly many others, are: Mucinex, Vicks Dayquil, Vicks Nyquil, Zicam Cough, Pertussin, Benylin, Alka-Seltzer, and Pedia-Care.

1 Comment

Hi Natalia, this topic grabbed my attention as I know a few people from back home who experimented with DXM and told me about it. One thing I notice you said, however, is that the legal age of alcohol consumption is causing more purchases for this medicine. I tend to disagree because alcohol has been prohibited for minors for many years now, so it's tough to say that it all the sudden caused a rise in purchases. However, I do agree that more people are purchasing over the counter drugs such as DXM because of their easy accessibility, and it is definitely becoming a major problem.

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