Confessions of a Confused Science Student: First Entry


If I said was currently enrolled in Science 200 because I needed fulfill my last general education requirements for natural sciences, I wouldn't be lying. However, I chose this course specifically because it is an interactive one and I find the opinions, thoughts, and experiences of other students to be extremely valuable. Blogs create the opportunity for students to connect with the material on a more personal level and to pick the brains of their classmates. And, for me, nothing is more interesting than what goes on in a person's mind. That being said, I am a psychology major with a minor in human development and family studies. Yes, I am aware that psychology is a science. For me though, it is unlike any of the science classes I was forced to take in high school or to fulfill general education requirements. I am not a science major because when I think back to my high school physics class all I can picture is me squinting at the formulas on the chalk board and papers with smudges and rips all over them. I have perfect vision and sat towards the front of the room, so I was squinting because I felt like I was staring at symbols from an ancient tribal language. The papers were torn and sloppy from my constant erasing and occasional fury. So, I guess it's safe to say science and I were not on the best of terms. Since attending college and having some reign over my curricula, science and I are no longer enemies. I now know all about the pH balance of the ocean, random facts about plate tectonics, that diesel fuel is more energy efficient than regular petroleum, the marine food web, among other things. While almost none of this is going to be useful when I am one day working in a therapeutic setting, I realize that science doesn't have to be this huge struggle and could even be enjoyable. However, I am almost certain that the knowledge I will acquire from taking this course will be useful for my future.

Here is the single reason my brain didn't explode from chemistry and physics during high school (his devilishly good looks kept me captivated):


Here's a picture of a scene from my favorite movie:



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