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The conception of birth control can be attributed to no one culture. Origins of the condom are equally elusive, if only because the product has seen vast popularity all across history. Stretching back thousands of years (don't be too intimidated), French cave paintings have shown crude representations of the condom - the condom has transcended history itself in its longevity, and seems something of an enigma to the middling contraception enthusiast.

Several titillating questions are raised that might arouse his/her interest:

1.) What has the condom been hewn from in the past?

2.) How has the condom evolved over time?

3.) Are we condoms? What constitutes a condom?

Our friends at Wikipedia (source of following research) have compiled information that might provide insight into these long-standing curiosities. The first two questions (i.e. the genuine ones) can be answered simultaneously. And with much enthusiasm, at that! Our ancient ancestors were particularly creative when it came to wrapping themselves. Such materials as animal intestines and hides were often used to prevent conception. Female condoms were less popular, but existed nonetheless. Hints that they were used can be lifted from such myths as those that involved Minos, who insisted that his partner use a goat bladder. The same legend also implies that he ejaculated "serpents and scorpions," so that jeopardizes both the legitimacy of the accompanying claims, and the reader's good mood.

Intestines were the popular condom material of choice up until the early 1900s, when new methods allowed plastics to be used. In the 20s, latex came into fashion, and never really fell out. Today, the contraception market offers a slew of birth-control options. There are pills, inserts and vasectomies.

Even with all of these, condoms remain a popular choice. 


The Trojans sitting on the desk to my left boast "Thintensity," a clever bastardization of the words "thin" and "intensity." TBD: whether or not they protect against serpents/scorpions. 

In conclusion, the condom is an invention that has been everywhere, and is likely not going anywhere.

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I never realized that in more primitive times people actually used animal remains in prevention of pregnancy. But it made me think of an interesting topic. Take a look at this article.

What do you think about the popes decision to uphold the catholic tradition, banning the use of condoms? Is it really an intervention of a greater plan? Or just shear ignorance to realize they do more good than bad? Regardless, people are bound to have sex. So why not prevent the spread of STD's and corrupt pregnancies?

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