Concussions in Sports

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You see it every single week.  A wide receiver is darting across the middle of the field and in an instant is smacked by a linebacker at full force.  The wide receiver's head snaps back violently and following the play he lays there helplessly.  The debate on the NFL and concussions has escalated due to the recent findings of the potential future risks of concussions.  I did my senior project in high school on the potential risks of concussions, but decided to bring it back to light due to there being 3 of them in last Sundays games.

A concussion occurs when the brain quite literally shakes in a person's skull.  If you really think about it, it is a truly traumatic event.  The brain controls all functions in the human body and can be shaken or twisted in the skull from a fierce football hit.  The question that I ask for Sci200 students is whether or not there will ever be enough evidence against concussions in football to change the game entirely.  In recent findings, former NFL players that received multiple concussions were studied in an article published by TIME Magazine.  The study found the former players that had received a certain amount of concussions showed more signs of concussions.

There are many other studies that I found when I was doing research for my senior project but I would like to get more take on this subject.  The NFL and its players just made a settlement which basically states that the players know the health risks of the game and are living with it.  But then again, that's why they make the millions.  However, it seems as though every single generation is getting bigger, faster, and stronger.  Will this lead to more concussions and ultimately bigger health concerns?  The other side of the question is that even if the generations are evolving over time, the technology for player safety should also be evolving.  


1 Comment

Without a shadow of doubt, the NFL need to do more to prevent concussion damage in the game urgently. It is true that there have been technological advancement in the design of helmets to reduce the chances of brain damage, but concussions seem almost impossible to prevent without making major changes to the game's rules.This article gives a stat on how the rate of concussions increase from year to year

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