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The other day, I was talking to one of my roommates.  Her name is Steph.  We were sitting in her room and I mentioned how much I liked the color combinations that she had in her room.  It is very bright with yellows and oranges and blues (it is very nicely decorated might I add).  She told me that she wanted to make sure that her room "gave off positive vibes" so that she was always very motivated every morning when I woke up.  I thought this was very clever and it got me thinking: can colors really have an affect on your mood or how you act in certain environments with certain colors?  Apparently the answer to this is yes!  At first I thought that maybe color psychology had a little bit of a placebo affect:  people only think certain colors give off certain vibes, therefore they act certain ways when they are exposed to certain colors.  Although there is not much evidence to prove that certain colors do in fact evoke certain emotions some effects have universal effects. However, there is some research that proves that colors can have an affect on mood.

Even though research has shown that colors can affect people's moods I do not personally think that certain colors send these messages to your brain when you see them they put you in a certain mood. Rather, I think that since we have associated certain colors with certain moods because we have been told that colors have certain meanings, we believe that the colors do actually have the power to influence our outlook while being exposed to them. 

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I agree that colors can have an effect on us! One of the most common examples this is used for is school classrooms. Most buildings and rooms are designed as very bland, but some studies like this one,, show that having a classroom with colors can stimulate children and their learning process. A colorful environment can engage brain activity and capture attention. I, for one, would love for a classroom to have an inviting environment, making school a little less boring!

This is really cool! I remember last year, I tried to change how I decorated my room when I stumbled upon a book titled "How to Feng Shui Your Dorm Room." It was interesting because it made me believe that if I put objects in certain areas of my room, an overall better mood would be generated. Honestly, I didn't find that my life or attitude dramatically improved because of my rearrangements, but maybe I didn't commit to it enough! I think it would work if you really worked on placing everything correctly.

Here's a link to a website with similarities to the book I read:

This was a really interesting post! I definitely have noticed that certain colors affect my mood--like yellow, purple and pink make me feel happy, while black and gray are gloomy. I found this article that explains exactly how each color effects your feelings!

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