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As I was posting comments and browsing the web I had the coldest hands and feet.  The rest of my body was fine but my hands and feet will get to the point of feeling like icicles and this is something that happens to me all the time.  I've always thought it was hereditary because my mom has the same problems.  No matter how bundled up we are, it's like there's no hope to warming them up.  While a specific thought came to mind as to why this would happen, poor circulation, I was wondering if there was anything more behind it.  Sure enough, this "cold feet" problem is an extremely common thing for various reasons.  It's also nine times more likely for women to have than men.

            Just as I thought before, poor circulation is a very common reason people have the problem of having cold hands and feet.  Two main reasons for this poor circulation are sitting often and not walking around and "it can also be the cause of blood clots".  This is pretty common and since this part of your body is the farthest from the heart, it's the most likely area to not receive as much blood flow.

            What else though?  There's a disease that's called Raynaud's disease where not enough blood get to the fingers and toes and can cause extreme pain.  Women are also five times more likely to get this disease than men.  This disease can cause your fingers and toes to turn white or blue.  It can also cause "throbbing pain, tingling or numbness".  This can be a severe disease with worse side effects, but more often than not, it usually does not cause any permanent damage.

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            Another very common reason is the likeliness of women having anemia- "iron deficiency".  The reason this is more common in women is because our bodies naturally hold less iron than men.  Iron "transports oxygen" throughout the blood, so not having enough can decrease your blood flow.  Health advisor Nicola Stewart also stated that "our circulation is linked to our hormonal system, and when we get a lack of iron in the thyroid we get cold" because that's what "regulates" our body temperature.

            For my mom, she says this has started to happen more often as she has gotten older.  Foot expert Margaret Dabbs says women's feet get colder than men's "because our skin in thinner.  The skin on our feet is thinner and has less fat than men's", this makes it even harder to keep your toes warm.  Not only is our skin naturally thinner, it has been found to thin out even more with age.  Which could be a big reason women end up with this problem, although they may not have always had it before.

            The last thing I found that I feel a lot of people can relate to is when your hands and feet are freezing and then when someone else touches them they say they're really not cold at all.  So, is it in our head? No.  Someone with "peripheral neuropathy" can feel cold "without actually being cold to touch".  This can also include a feeling of "numbness, tingling or a burning sensation" type feeling when more severe.  It can be a sign of "underlying nerve damage" and the main causes of this happening are: "diabetes, exposure to toxins, infections or vitamin deficiencies".  Which, it's pretty common to get an infection or not get all your daily vitamins on a day-to-day basis.

            Overall, these are the main reasons your hands and feet are probably freezing all the time, it's just a matter of finding which one causes your coldness.  Also, stay healthy and you're much less likely to get that cold feeling when you're not actually cold.


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This topic is near and dear to my heart because I suffer from the disease of cold feet! It is caused by poor circulation in my left leg and down to my foot and low iron as you stated. In order to help my situation I have to wear a medical sock. It is the most hideous looking thing and goes all the way over my knee cap but it works! It produces more blood flow to my foot and reduces swelling during the day.

I really thought I was the only one! My hands and feet are always cold and I never understood why. I knew it had something to do with poor circulation, but I wasn't really sure what to do about it either. My mom and I always have cold hands and feet. Many people are caught off guard when they hold my hands because they're so cold for no reason. I know I don't have enough iron because I'm a vegetarian and like this link suggests one of the biggest sources of iron is meats. Hopefully this helps anyone else who has cold hands and feet because of low iron however!

Mine's mostly from anemia too! Maybe I'll look into that sock, who cares what it looks like, I think you would agree it's definitely not worth how cold your feet can get! Haha

I know about the hands and feet because occasionally my hands and feet get really cold even when I feel warm in the inside. I also see now why guys have a higher tolerance to cold than girls, and how girls are able to wear sweaters in the heat and not sweat as much as guys. I feel that as a positive and negative. But I didn't know that serious problems came with the cold feet and hands... good luck ladies.

Heres a quick video on how to warm up your hands.

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