Cilantro can purify water?


Cilantro is like a curse word around my mom. She hates it so much that she refuses to go to Mexican restaurants for fear that it will be in her meal.

            Cilantro might not be winning my mom over, but it definitely prized in someone else's eyes. It has recently been found in this study that cilantro has the ability to filter heavy metals from water.

This research is the joint effort between Mexican and U.S. students who were searching for a way to purify water in the Mexico City area. Currently, water purifiers like the charcoal used in Brita, are expensive in the area. Therefore, students focused their search on resources that were readily available in the area. They found that the structure of the dried plant worked as a natural filter. Just a handful of cilantro can cleanse a pitcher of water according to the study.

The expanse of this study hasn't even been explored. This technology could make a difference in areas that it is difficult to get clean water to. Cilantro is cheap and easy to produce and is ideal in areas where it grows. However, the research also indicated that dandelions and parsley may have these same qualities. If executed correctly, the world could change their weeds into filters. More research and information would need to be required to determine if this project is even feasible. The potential possibilities of this research are compelling, if nothing else. cilantro-dried.jpg


This article really stuck out to me because purified water is not the easiest thing to find around here. Personally, I am very picky about that water that I drink, and only like a specific taste. That may be weird, but I physically cannot drink tap water here because I think it tastes so bad. To fix this, I purchased a Brita, but I have yet to do it because the black charcoal bits really scare me. When hearing that cilantro can purify your water, I was really excited because I look some good tasting water. Cilantro has such a strong taste, so it's weird to me that it doest flavor the water. This website here talks about different ways to purify water if you're interested!

I just started using a Brita water bottle about a year and a half ago and I swear, ever since then it has not left my side. I love drinking filtered water even though, I can not tell the difference. Like you mentioned, Brita filters certainly aren't the cheapest things out there. So, as a poor college student reading about a cheaper way to filter your water was really fascinating to me. If this can be tested and confirmed that would be great for the water problem that a lot of places have. Here is an article that gives ten cheap ways to treat water, which I found pretty interesting.

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