Cigarettes Or A Hookah?


Today in science class we talked about the question "is smoking bad for you?"  Personally I don't smoke cigarettes or any type of cigar, but what I do find entertaining and pleasurable is smoking from the hookah.  


What I'm looking into now is if smoking a hookah is as bad for you as smoking a cigarettes. I'd like to believe hookah smoking isn't as harmful to my health as cigarettes, unfortunately I don't think this is the case.  I have a very nice 25inch hookah that I've recently been smoking every night with my roommates.  I have come across this website that gives a little insight on the harmful effects of hookah smoke.  And for those of you who enjoy hookahs as much as I do here is a link to a hookah shop.


As for hookah smoking compared to cigarette smoking, this article sums up debate between the two.  After experimenting with multiple people of various ages, professors at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon "found that on average, the levels of carbon monoxide to which participants were exposed were higher when they were smoking a waterpipe than when they were smoking a cigarette." -Kyle Hill 



I'm glad you posted this article. I have several friends who are avid hookah smokers (and I mean they have like two to three 2-hour sessions a day), whereas I am more known for being a cigarette smoker. I do still enjoy hookah, but often when gathered round one we would get into discussions about whether or not hookahs were safer. Of course, their argument was always that the water, hose and general distance the smoke traveled through a hookah helped filter it. Since I am fully aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, I never really argued their point but did treat it was skepticism (yet never looked it up...ohlaziness).

Perhaps I should show them your fantastic article. Or these official stats from the CDC.

Although I've never smoked cigarettes or a hookah I know a lot of people that do both. I see people on campus smoking hookah's almost every night and people throughout the day are smoking cigarettes everywhere. I don't necessarily see the point in doing either of these two things, I know some people feel pleasure when they do so. In your article, you say that hookah is just as bad as smoking cigarettes, if not worse. If people have these facts and understand the consequences, what do you think still attracts them into partaking in these activities. Here is another article I found that is similar to the one you attached. It has more research about the two topics!

Hi Nicholas,

I'm also so glad that you posted this article. While I'm at home, I smoke hookah quite a bit with my friends. Whether it be a hookah lounge or one of my friends' personal hookahs, I've always found it a very pleasureable experience. The thing is, I've always been very against cigarette smoking and say that I will never do it. However, now I know that smoking hookah is definitely just as bad, if not worse, than smoking cigarettes. Everytime I smoke hookah, I always wonder about how bad it is for my health, and now I know! I'll be sure to pass this article on to my friends. Thanks!


I think that it is a very common misconception that hookah is "better" for you than cigarettes. However if you really think of the act of smoking hookah it is a a lot more smoke in one breath than smoking cigarettes. Additionally, many people believe that hookah tobacco is a natural product but according to hookah tobacco is burned a a very high temperature which makes it worse for the body and less natural. However, I will go to say that hookah is more of a group activity and for that reason I don't think that it will get to the addictive stages to that of cigarettes.

In my mind, the two activities are really not comparable, this is for several reasons:
1. Hookah smokers tend to smoke less frequently than cigarette smokers.
2. Hookah smoke is not inhaled into the lungs generally, which cuts down on much of the risks and keeps it from becoming habit-forming. However, considering that hookah sessions tend to last longer than cigarette smoking, you are exposing your body to much more nicotine and harmful chemicals at once. One upsetting thing about researching the risks involving various tobacco products is that both sides are extremely biased and it is hard to get good answers to questions like these.

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