Chocolate is good for you

I know we discussed briefly in class how chocolate makes you smarter, but that's not the only benefit that chocolate has for you! The biggest factor that improves health is the flavonoids. These can help prevent stokes, protect skin against UV rays, and improve mental math skills. Chocolate can also slows blood clotting and improves blood flow which reduces likelihood of a heart attack and protects against blood inflammation.
This helpful article also explains how chocolate can also prevent cancer, reduce the risk of diabetes, control coughs, and make you live longer. They don't even get into how it makes you happy!


Chocolate can be good for you in the ways you listed, but that doesn't mean we should be eating it very often. It is still full of sugar and other stuff that if eaten a lot can lead to being overweight or in serious conditions lead to diabetes. But having chocolate every once in a while is ok. Everything in moderation is ok even if it is "bad" for you.

It's surprising that eating chocolate has so many benefits for a person! I'm an avid chocolate consumer and everyone always asks me why I eat so much of it. They say 'it's bad for me.' Now that I've read your article, and because of what we discussed in class, I can now tell those same people these proven facts about how chocolate can benefit someone. Eating chocolate can lead to a healthier life down the road?! That's the best news I've heard in a while.

I've never been into chocolate. I eat it now and then but i get sick of it really quickly. i never knew though that it has so many health benefits for you. However i know that eating too much of it can be bad for you as well. Obviously its high in sugar and other things that aren't necessarily great for your health so when eaten consistently it can lead to a variety of health problems. Chocolate also has caffeine in it which, if consumed in excess, can lead to some health issues like migraines. to learn more about the potential dangers of eating too much chocolate check out this website (!

As soon as I saw the title of this article I was immediately drawn to it because now I have a reason to eat chocolate. It was interesting reading you post because I have heard that eating chocolate is actually good for your health but I didn't know that chocolate helped prevent strokes!

I definitely feel a little better about my chocolate-consuming habit after reading your blog post! Though I knew of the many benefits, like the one you pointed out indicating the release of endorphins during consumption, one question I still had in my mind was: Why do we like it so much? It seems like a simple answer: "because it tastes good." But, is there more to it than that? I researched a little, and found this really interesting article online that attempts to understand why exactly chocolate is number 1 on the sweets list for so many people. Apparently, according to the post, chocolate contains the same ingredient found in marijuana that causes the "high" feeling we experience... interesting. Check it out here:

YES! Finally more of a reason for me to indulge in my guilty pleasure of chocolate! I absolutely love chocolate and I am so happy that there are some positive effects to counter the negative impact it has such as cavities and weight gain. While I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate, here is an interesting article I found about how it is beneficial for the heart

It is true that chocolate can be beneficial to your health but often people overlook that unless it is pure chocolate it may not be a smart snack. Milk, butter, and sugar are all main ingredients in chocolate bars which can be packed with high calories. The real beneficial ingredient that is actually good in preventing disease and everything you talked about in your article is the Cacao which if it is eaten by itself can be bitter, chalky and not tasty. According to "> women’s health magazine ,
“Because of the high sugar and fat content people should limit themselves to 7 ounces or four chocolate bars a week”
So the next time you think about eating as much chocolate as Charlie and the chocolate factory remember you can benefit from a small amount but over doing it may just be even worse for you.

Wow, chocolate never seems to stop amazing me. I'm a lover of chocolate and I never knew that all I cared about was how it tasted and the little joys that came from it here and there. But here are some interesting fact about chocolate

Tajh, I agree with that comment because I myself eat lots of chocolate but never knew the importance, I thought it was an addiction thing but guess it's a healthy addiction and I am proud to be a chocolate consumer.

Rhonda, I completely agree with your comment, however dark chocolate has this unique taste that's one of a kind; me being a lover of coca would have to disagree because the bitter taste is the best part; plus it's more healthy

Cara, I thought the same thing, I wonder individuals that consumer lots of chocolate can telepathically communication their thought without actually speaking or writhing them because if chocolate is supposed to make you smarter, wouldn't that also increase brain cell production which will ultimately heighten a person's abilities to accurately assess a person's non verbal cues ?


Wow I never knew this! I eat chocolate all the time and always feel guilty because I thought it was nothing but harmful for you. I guess I was more healthy than I thought! I have read some things about dark chocolate and some benefits dealing with it! Here are 6 benefits from the explained in the article.

Victoria, everything in life has it's ups and downs, too much of anything can sometimes be bad for you. If you have too much of a good health would that be a bad thing? As a chocolate lover I have my bias but I think chocolate has been the greatest discovery to mankind. Best place in the world

Tyler, If we could eat chocolate everyday we would all be healthier of course are breath might be a little chocolaty like Cap'n Cruchs cocoa flavor, and our tooth might be a little discolored but who would mine if all our teeth were a little on the yellow side because no one would be able to tell if they were supposed to be white. I would mine living in a chocolate house with lots and lots a chocolate

(this is a humor post because I am trying to beat the noon deadline I apologize if anyone got offended)

Finally!! I now have a good excuse as to why I can eat chocolate and not feel so guilty about it. Well until I eat an entire bag of Hershey Kisses. But thanks for posting this! At least there is some bright side to chocolate.

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