Cell Phones Causing Brain Tumors?

As many of you have probably heard once or twice in your life, scientists have linked brain tumors directly to cell phone use. So is this true? I have always been quite skeptical about the subject because it seems as though everything causes cancer. You can't even stand near a microwave without being exposed to radiation. Should we live our life in a bubble? After doing some research I found some interesting information about this topic.

So lets face it, most of us are ALWAYS on our phones. So how big is the risk? World wide one in  29,000 men and one in 38,000 will develop a brain tumor. For the people who have gotten brain tumors and used their phones for more than 10 years, there have been some associations. Luckily, short term use has been proven to be harmless. Unfortunately, at the rate were headed, we will all be in the excessive, long use category. When it comes down to statistics, there aren't many. Right now, it's all about the risk, and that's a choice we will all have to make.


Love that you wrote about this topic! My mom actually always tells me not to rest my phone in the top of my shirt because it's supposedly linked to breast cancer. And like you said so is standing too close to the microwave. It's a bit frightening to think that all these simply, everyday things could potentially lead to cancer. Especially because I do all three.. especially talking on my phone. If you're interested, this link provides several ways to prevent cancer within your daily routine.


I have always been concerned about this as well! I remember when everyone started getting freaked out thinking that they were going to develop a brain tumor from using their cell phones. After reading about how cell phone use can lead to exposure to radiation on the National Cancer Institute's website (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones), I have come to realize something very specific about the studies that have been done to test this hypothesis. The Cancer Institute consistently brings up how an actual phone call is what causes the concern. Placing the cell phone up to your ear exposes tissue to radio waves. The tissue in your ear has the capability of absorbing the energy emitted by these radio waves. Therefore, I would just like to raise a point and say that a majority of people use their cell phones as almost a pocket computer. Texting, emailing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Voxer and all of the other social networking tools that are on smart phones nowadays do not require people to put the phones up to their ear in order to have a conversation with someone on the other end of the line.

I have always found this topic very interesting. Many daily items and routines are said to cause cancer. It is actually very scary to think about, especially if you do enough research. I try not to sleep with my phone near my head, and I use my hands free as much as I can remember to. Many skeptics do studies on everyday items and their negative effects. I recently read an article about household items that are said to be harmful to the body. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-cancer-causers-to-remove-from-your-home.html?page=2 .. When I over think and ponder too much on this subject, I freak myself out. I guess we are all just safer if we go back to nature, right?

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