Can You See Into the Future?

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Yesterday marked the 12th anniversary of one of the most tragic days in our country's history. I was only six when the Twin Towers came falling down, but I remember standing in my kitchen watching the news like it was only yesterday and every year the calendar reads September 11th I still don't understand why or how this happened. When the anniversary rolls around, there are always documentaries that play all day long in memory of the victims and the heroes of that unforgettable day. Last night, as I was just about to go to bed, my roommate and I were flipping through the channels when we came across a documentary from the History Channel. It focused around a man named Rick Rescorla who was the head of security for a large financial company, Morgan Stanley, whose offices were in the South Tower. Rescorla was convinced that the Twin Towers would be under attack at some point and had his employees constantly going through evacuation drills. In the video, it even discusses how Rescorla looked at the plausibility of planes crashing into the Towers. 
I sat and watched this video in utter shock that someone could not only think that the buildings would be attacked, but that he predicted exactly how they were attacked. I started looking into the theory of humans being psychic. We've heard of the Long Island Medium show that airs on TLC and others who claim they are psychic, but how believable is this? 
This article seems to believe some people are blessed with the ability to see into the future. Daryl Bem, who used to be a magician, is now a physicist and conducted an experiment involving students to memorize a certain list of words. What he discovered was that some students remembered words better than others, and of the words those students remembered, those were the words the students would need to later type. To Bem, this proved that those students had some sort of future event take place that told them to remember those specific words. Bem also conducted other experiments that you can read more about if you click that link. 
If those experiments seem to have some weak proof, check out this article that also talks about research that has been done to prove psychics really do exist. A study done by JB Rhine used Zener cards and it proved that some people could read the mind of others. 
To me, I don't know if I could ever believe people could predict future events. People can barely predict what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, so how can some people predict the next big war or nuclear attack? It seems far fetched, but clearly Rick Rescorla had some special power that ended up saving hundreds of lives. 
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It's crazy to think that someone would be able to just think up the idea that such a terrible tragedy would occur without some sort of psychic powers. My sister had gotten a psychic reading performed on her before and some of the things they predicted were freakishly spot on, but others have yet to be seen to be true. This also could be a local, scam of a psychic and not the real thing.

Diane Powell, a former Harvard professor, seems to believe in the power of ESP, and has written a book about the power. In the book, she uses physics, philosophy, and data to help prove her theories. Her ideas on the subject are really interesting. She believes that everyone has the power to be psychic, just at different levels of the ability. She strongly notes that the ability is mostly due to the structure of the brain, therefore, certain people are more likely to have ESP abilities.

Here's the link to the article where she discusses her book and her ideas on the topic!,8599,1868287,00.html

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