Can Working Out Make Us Smarter?

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We all know that College has changed most of our bodies (for the worst). No longer are we playing sports every day after school, only drinking once a week, and eating mothers home cooked meals. It's like you come to college and suddenly your hot bod is no where to be found. I'm pretty sure canyon pizza isn't helping the situation at all. But honestly, have you ever thought that by making time to workout more often you could get your GPA up?


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"Children who are physically fit absorb and retain new information more effectively than children who are out of shape, a new study finds.." an article in the New York times explains. Although this study is mainly targeted at trying to bring back phys ed classes to schools, it can also be true for people our age. A study done by American College of Sports Medicine found that a children who exercised for ten minutes before a test scored better than those who didn't. Studies have shown that children should be exercising for at least an hour each day, which most children aren't. The same goes for us. Although we are all busy, we should take at least a half hour to and hour a day engaging in some form of physical activity. 


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Another article, written by Livestrong Fitness Blog, suggests that exercise not only improves mood and stress, but also brain function. They explain that exercising activates the ability to retain information better. This function becomes more important as you grow older in order to retain information and memory better. So why not start now? Adding some extra exercise to your day will not only help your brain functions now, but for the future. 


I can definetly see how excersie would make you able to reatin more information, which essentially would make you "smarter". I try to get myself to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. After I exercise I feel fresh and renewed because you feel accomplished in some regard. I also go to the gym to release stress, and I find it very helpful. Check out this site there are so many benefits of working out!

I can totally relate to this article because I went from dancing every day after school to hardly at all. Getting to the gym is always a priority, but that doesn't mean it always happens. Although I knew working out was obviously good for you, I never knew all of the specific benefits it had. One thing that really shocked me was that working out could improve your memory. I always see people studying flashcards while on the elliptical, and now I'm definitely down to try If it will help me memorize. It is so interesting to me how important working out is, especially now that I know it improves overall brain function. If that alone doesn't get me to the gym I don't know what else will. Below is a link that talks about more benefits to working out that you may find interesting. Psychiatrist John Ratey of Harvard Medical School states, "Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning," and after reading this article I definitely agree. I found this article very informative and hopefully it will help me get my butt to the gym more often!

I have heard that exercise does improve school performance for students. After I go for a run or go to the gym, I always feel so refreshed and rejuvenated when my workout is finished! I also find that exercising does help me cope with stress really well. I personally love going to Zumba classes because I find dancing to be one of those activities that is so fun and so good for your health. I find rumba to be one of the more fun exercising activities because it doesn't even seem like you are working out. It just seems like you are having a great time dancing to some really fun music! And I think that most college students do not work out as often because they are usually exhausted or don't find working out fun. However if students realized that doing fun physical activities would give them the same amount of exercise as going to the ,sometimes very smelly, gym than they would be more inclined to exercise more. Exercising regularly may not have immediate results but, in the long run, it will benefit everyone because it will improve there confidence, outlook on life and help them do better in school. I found a great website that explains many of the benefits of regular exercise for the brain and the body. One interesting fact I got from it was that women who exercise at least three times a week have a decreased risk of getting osteoporosis later in life! here is the website i got this from, its pretty cool:

What an awesome blog post! This is definitely one of the most informative posts I've read and I'm glad I did. I was unaware of the affects that working out has on our GPA potential. I actually enjoy working out before exams, or even before my classes, simply because it wakes me up. I feel so energized and motivated to continue my day after a good work out, without even knowing of the other benefits it has.
The transition from high school, where playing a seasonal sport pretty much guaranteed a "fit body", to college where it is completely optional is quite a change. However, knowing that exercise has benefits other than the "good looks" is just another motive for me now!
One major benefit of working out I am aware of is the effect it has on your overall mood. Exercising has been proven to release stress, and aid in depression! The website below lists seven potential benefits of working out, many related to learning and mood. Check it out!

I have always heard this too and it makes a lot of sense to me. While working out may be physically tiring the increased blood flow helps you become more alert when its test time. here is another interesting article on this topic.

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