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Remember the good ol' days when it was acceptable to pick your nose. Okay it may not be the reason why it was great to be a little kid. But according to Canadian scholar Scott Napper, kids might have a method to their madness. He's a strong believer that picking your nose and eating it is actually beneficial to your immune system. Napper's reasoning is that by eating boogars, you actually expose your body to small and harmless amount of germs that increases resistance to these germs. He believes in this so much that he wants to experiment with his classes. He wants half of his class to actually pick their nose and eat the snot and the other half to live their lives as normal. Wicked stuff right? It gets worse. His reasoning to this is this, "Nature pushes us to do different things because it is to our advantage to have certain behaviours, to consume different types of foods. So maybe when you have an urge like this to pick your nose and eat it, you should just go with nature." I know what you're thinking, what's this guys deal? I wish I could tell you but I can't. Instead, you should read the rest of this article. 
 So there are two sides to pretty much everything. There may be many reasons why you shouldn't pick your nose and eat it. One of the biggest ones it that, well, it's just downright nasty. But according to a Yahoo article, there are 5 main reasons not to do this. The 5th reason and probably the scariest one is that you could die. Yes, you heard that right. Picking your nose can kill you. You can stick your finger so far in, that it could cause your bone to break and your brain fluids to leak, and the rest is history. Go to that article to check out the other 5 reasons because they're quite interesting. 
My advice to you from all this? Don't pick your nose. Don't eat it. And if you're daring enough to do it, please don't do it in public. You might die.... I'm not judging, I'm just looking out for your best interest. You could just look at this cute little baby doing the deed.


I feel like picking your nose and eating it is socially unacceptable, and after your reading your blog post, that's definitely a good thing... If picking your nose and eating it was socially acceptable, people would feel like they could do it more often and then face the consequences. Interesting how people think there is some health benefits. It is kind of the same concept as a vaccination, where a person gets injected with a strain of a virus so a person can build up immunity. However, I will be following your advice and not picking my nose....

I'm a little curious as to how you came upon this topic, it was definitely something I had never thought of before! I can understand the rationale that if we naturally do something that there might be a good reason behind it. I looked into it and found this article.e According to Dr. Oz we pick/touch our noses 5 fives an hour! He says that our hands are too germ-y to be doing this so much. However, if you're hands are clean.. it might be okay?

Very interesting! I always used to discourage my cousins from picking their nose, when maybe I should have been encouraging it! However, pickers still have to watch- picking your nose and then handling objects and touching surfaces can spread the common cold and other ills. So wash before you pick... then wash again. Also, make sure you have your picking under control because chronic picking can lead to chronic nosebleeds. Also, if you over pick, you're removing hairs from the nostrils that are needed to filter out dust.
For more hazards, see here:
and to learn to stop picking, see here:

I think the scholar just based his theory of picking your nose being beneficial off of the basic concept of how a vaccine works. Does anyone else see the similarity? Whereas he says that picking your nose and eating the boogers exposes your body directly to the germs, a vaccination is actually almost the same deal- Your body is made immune to a foreign antigen by actually exposing it to it and forcing your immune system to respond, so it knows how to fight against it when your body actually get the disease. Even in this case, it's like the two faces of the same coin- it has its positives and negatives. For example some vaccines in Japan are said to be being withdrawed, because they have side effects and are doing more harm than good ( and on the other hand some vaccines are being developed to protect against cancer, that could be a revolutionary discovery and save a lot of lives if it actually works. (
I think his findings are very basic and the study with the children might not be the best thing to rely on because of there being a big chance of a third variable. Maybe if the same thing had a lot more evidence I might believe it.

As embarrassing as I am to admit this, my mother told me I was guilty of this as a toddler. I completely understand how exposing your body to small amounts of germs can build up your immune system. I think this may have actually happened to me! My body has always been really good at fighting off illness. Many times i've gotten over fevers, eye infections and other illnesses without taking any medicine. Maybe all that nose-picking actually benefitted me?

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