How does your bed time snack affect your dreams?


Often, I have heard people say that what you eat before bedtime can actually affect dreams that you have or your sleep patterns. I never really seemed to notice, but was intrigued by this news. So I decided to dig a little deeper, and search on how food you eat before you fall asleep actually affects your dreams.

According to the article Can spicy food really give you nightmares? food before bed does in fact affect our dreams. A reason for this is because the food will increase the body's temperature and metabolism. According to a sleep doctor, these increases will affect brain activity, and in turn affect your body's reaction. The study focused on particularly spicy food, and how your body digests it in such a way that interrupts sleep patterns and also dream patterns.

So if this has occurred to you, the doctors suggest that you try to eat those spicy foods a few hours before bedtime.



I always had this theory too because as weird as it sounds I always had nightmares after I ate chinese food before bed. The fact that you mentioned the spiciness of the food effects my body temperature and metabolism, therefore effecting brain activity. This makes me wonder though why is it always a nightmare? Would it just be a strange coincidence or does my brain pattern increase to a certain extent that causes me stress?

This is kind of interesting. I think that it's pretty crazy that the state of metabolism our body is in can have an effect on the type of dreams that we have. I probably eat more spicy foods than anybody I have ever met and to be honest, I am not sure if I have nightmares more often than most. Honestly, I don't really remember most of my dreams. I only remember five or six dreams I have ever had but they were all crazy fucking dreams. suggests that we not wake up to alarm clocks in order to have the best chance of remembering our dreams. But I don't see how any responsible adult that works an average 9-5 can be expected to not wake up via alarm clock.

I have heard of spicy food giving you bad dreams, but I have never experienced it myself. Usually I have restless sleep and bad dreams from jet lag or when I am sick. Once I dreamed that I was murdered by Edgar Allen Poe. My dad used to have a recurring nightmare with a welder in it. Any idea what could cause that? Here's an interesting article on recurring dreams:

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