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Hey everyone! I'm Gregory. It's great to virtually meet all of you. I'm a junior majoring in broadcast journalism with a minor in business. I'm in this class because I want to give science another shot. This course seems like a good survey of what science has to offer.  I hate "science projects", but I love statistics, analysis, and critical thinking. So far this class seems like a good environment to explore things we encounter every day from a curious, scientific standpoint. I enjoyed Andrew's first few lectures, so I'm excited to learn about the rest of this year's topics.

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I am not planning on being a science major because I lost interest in science at an early age. Like Andrew said, my first science courses were too fact-oriented. I remember how much I hated learning about rocks, minerals, and gravity. I would much rather ask questions that don't have a definite answer. I also never want to look at a math problem again in my life (until I have children who need help with their homework, of course). Science usually incorporates math, which I do not usually find particularly interesting or rewarding.

Andrew's discussion on why American students dislike science from an early age made me curious, so I did some Googling and stumbled upon this article. It's worth a look.

If you want to hear more of what I have to say, I host a talk-show (@RadioFree_PSU on Twitter) Monday through Thursday from 5-6pm on or 90.7fm WKPS on the TuneIn app. I'd love to hear some of my classmates' feedback on our program. Thanks!

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