Blog One: A Real Home Run

Hey everyone, I'm Shawn Quinn, a Senior Telecommunications major. To be honest, I'm taking this course because I have to in order to graduate. I've never really aspired to be a scientist; it just has never been my thing. After a couple less-than-fun experiences with science courses in high school, I was hoping to not have to take any at Penn State. I'm taking this course because despite my lack of interest in core science courses, I am curious as to how it affects our world and my life. I'm gonna use this live link opportunity to promote my Twitter !!! If you could follow me I think I'd be a real home run! 

fat mac.jpg

PS: For those who don't watch Always Sunny, that's not actually me. Mac's my favorite character though. See you in class!


'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is an incredibly hilarious show, and I'm glad to see there is someone else in the classroom that watches it. I guess in one of the older episodes, Mac (character, not the actor) decided to write a letter to 'Chase Utley' of the Philadelphia 'Phillies' and actually got a response.
Chase Utley response to Mac
Hopefully, you have a enjoy the course, it seems pretty interesting thus far.

I cannot get enough Always Sunny, love the show too! I always get a crack out of old Frank

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