Beginning of the End to My Science Career

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My name is Victoria Gibilterra and I am a sophomore here at Penn State. My major is Actuarial Science with a minor in Spanish. I am on the Club Gymnastics team and I am involved in Ohana. I am taking this course because I needed one last science class and my adviser said that this class is very interesting. I also heard from other students that it is fun and is not going to be a huge amount of work.

I have never enjoyed science and I am more than fine with my science career ending after this semester. In high school I was always very bad at science and the only C I ever got was in my honors Chemistry class. Right now my major has the word science in it which one would think means I enjoy science but it is more the science of finance. I love numbers, math, and anything business related but I hate science. I have also heard that the science classes here at Penn State are really difficult so I am avoiding them like the plague. I knew coming up here that the one major I knew I could never do is science so that is how I ended up in this class.

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Hey Victoria, I'm a sophomore and majoring in Actuarial Science too. I don't know if you heard but there is a meeting for the Actuarial Science Club tomorrow at 6 at 112 Forest Building.

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