"Beauty is Pain" and a Rip-off!


   Now, I know I may sound way too girly in this post, but I am amazed at how much women will go through to "STAY BEAUTIFUL." What is the point? An unbelievable amount of pain and money is spent every single day on breast enhancements and reductions, liposuction, face lifts, hair highlights and coloring, waxing, nails, the list will go on forever! I am not saying that I never get highlights or my nails done, because then I would be lying. However, I do not even understand it myself when I go through certain processes and pay the prices that I do. 

       I am here today wondering why getting my nails and toes done cost so much money nowadays! I used to love getting tips for special occasions, (for the boys, tips are fake nails), and they cost around 20$. This year, I went before school began and they told me that they were 120$!!! The absurdity of this situation left me speechless. The fact that so many women were in front of me paying 120$ for nails shocked me more than a lightening bolt could. The reasoning behind this was that "they do not use acrylic artificial nails anymore, and only use gel artificial nails." What does that even mean? These nails that look completely identical are 90$ more than the old-fashion acrylic nails. I stormed out of the nail salon and called about five other places, receiving approximately the same answer. How is it that nowhere near my hometown charge people less than 100$ for NAILS, THAT LAST LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! Fuming, I had to go into a bit of research to find out the reasoning behind this dilemma. 

      Truth is there really is not that much of a difference between gel and acrylic nails; it is just a giant SCHEME for these nail salons to make a lot more money. The only perks to gel nails are that they "look more realistic" (which is not always true), and it contains less odor and chemicals, which is especially better for pregnant women. Why do you need fake nails when you're pregnant? The nails aren't going to make you look that much better when all you will notice is the giant baby belly! Apparently, acrylic nails can create a fungal infection and can damage the nail bed, but in my experience gel has ruined my nails just as terribly. My biggest issue is that you have to pay to get them removed after two weeks! I just bite them off, which is extremely painful, but what can I say? I am usually just a cheap person. BOTH OPTIONS ARE POINTLESS. The moral of the story is, just don't waste your time, money, or pain on trying to look "better". NATURAL BEAUTY IS THE BEST BEAUTY. 



I really actually loved your post! I was not only laughing because it was funny but because I can absolutely relate to this! I don't even understand what the difference really is and why the cost is so much more. Even when I go to the salon just to get a simple manicure they are always telling me they can only use gel now, which is like $50 more than regular nail polish! I hate how the color doesn't come off and you have to go get them removed at the salon. I usually end up picking off the gel anyway, which actually ruins your nails. I had heard from a friend that the gel is actually bad for your nails too due to the UV light they use to dry them. I found a couple articles about the gel but I found this one to be the most informative. I hope this helps you make your decision about whether to get your nails done anymore!

Thank you for sharing I really enjoyed it!

AH my mom and I ran into the same problem this summer. I don't get the tips put o but I just get the gel nail polish. Over the summer we went on vacation and were going to get our nails done for fun. Since me and my mom had gel nail polish on already they were going to charge us $50 each just to take off the old nail polish ! Not to mention the $120 dollar fee for the new nail polish... I am not sure if i was just because it was a fancy spa or what but me and mom both (like you did) stormed out of that place as fast as we could with a very strong "no thank you!"

Along with the price thats not the only painful part of gel nails. The light used to set the gel nails is UV light that if you skin is exposed to over a period of time can be harmful here is a video from CBS that talks about the potential harm http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-204_162-57573145/gel-manicures-may-lead-to-nail-problems-and-potential-skin-cancer-risk-dermatologist-warns/

Yes I completely agree! I had to get my nails done for a wedding and by the end of the two weeks I got them removed. Once they removed my "fake nails" I literally did not have any of my actual nails left. My finger nails were sore and completely flimsy. I couldn't even untie my shoe because my nails were so weak. That was two years ago and I still have never gotten my nails done since! The price is ridiculous especially when you'll be paying $120 over and over again, it'll add up. I can think of a lot more other things I can buy with that kind of money. Here is a link that talks a little bit more about the fungal infection one can receive by wearing acrylic nails. http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/nail-care/health/acrylic-nails-bad-for-health.htm

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