Bare is Better?

I feel the need to start this out by saying I'm not really promoting this, or feel that it's right for our society...It's simply something I came across and find very interesting.

There are many norms from society to society. They vary drastically. One aspect that, for the most part, stays constant is the expectation and norm to wear clothing. Not only do we cover up parts that shouldn't be seen publicly but, depending on the weather, we cover 60-95% of our skin on a daily basis. If we were not to this, it would be considered SO taboo and you would get charged with indecent exposure. I came across this article from the website called "Nudity Provides Health Benefits for you Body and Brain". Even though the website does not seem very credible, the sources they use to back up this claim of nudity being beneficial are very convincing. Some of their reasons that I found interesting are: 

-That we are born in the nude, and doctors even tell parents to give there newborns "'naked time'"

-Wearing clothing makes it easier for diseases or infections to be contracted. Fungi, ticks, bacterium, etc can cling more easily to clothes. Tight underwear, socks, ties, bathing suits, etc, can lead to things like yeast infections, ingrown toenails, abnormal breathing and so on. 

-Clothes cost a lot of money!

-"Nudest have a significantly higher body self-acceptance," according to a study done at University of Northern Iowa. Just about everyone I know, especially being a female young adult, has body issues. So many are self-conscious and unconfident. 

These are just a few reasons the author has included. I would recommend checking it out.

Again, I'm not entirely sure how I feel on this subject. It's so normal for us to put on clothes everyday. We do not think twice about it. These social norms really interest me. Even though I totally recognize the practical reasons, for example, clothes keep you warm, it's good to leave something to the imagination and not just show it all, etc. But aside from this our day to day norms are definitely interesting to look at and see how they are actually affecting our lives. 

"Immortal Life" Nudity Provides Health Benefits for Your Body and Brain. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Sept. 2013.

Going nude also means no more killing animals to wear their fur!


I also don't know how I would feel about the agrument of going nude in public. It's not a part of our normal society, and is looked down upon. However, I do think when you are alone going nude is the way to go! Especially when you go to sleep. It is much more comfortable and you don't need to worry about anything. You feel much more free. Here's an atricle on the benefits of sleeping nude.
Sometimes clothing sucks everything in and contrains you. That isn't always a bad thing because it is meant to cover you up so you still have "privacy". Clothing is meant to keep you covered and even look good. Now we have so many different styles of clothing to express yourself that wearing clothes is fun. I know that I love to go shopping for new clothes. So basically what I am saying that I wouldn't be comfotable being nude in public, but when you sleep go for it!

It's kind of a weird topic to just openly talk about, but fuck it right? Sleeping in the nude, for me, is much more comfortable than with boxers or pajamas. There have been a couple of other studies that also agree with you. I think that this article explains some cool things about the idea of just being naked It talks about the benefits and it makes some points about society bringing us down. And I agree with Nicolle, you feel much more free.

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