Are women actually getting more attractive?

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According to multiple studies, women are actually getting more attractive then their male counterparts, but how could this be? According to Ben Leach from the, "Researchers found that attractive women have more children than their less attractive counterparts and that a higher proportion of those children are female". Those children then grow up to be attractive adults and the cycle goes on and on. Of course, males are also getting more attractive, but at a slower rate due to the difference in the sex ratio born. According to the CIA, the ratio of guys to girls born is 100 to 107.

Markus Jokela, from the University of Cambridge recently studied this phenomenon and wrote an article on it in 2009. He studied 1,244 women and 997 men through four decades of life, assessing their pictures for attractiveness and how many offspring they had. Through his research he found that attractive women had 16% more children and very attractive women had 6% more children then the average looking female.

If his study is in fact true, we will be one attractive species in the near future. If you ever find yourself walking around campus wondering why there are so many attractive girls and women, thank evolution. Unfortunately for the women, if you ever find yourself wondering why there are just not many guys attractive enough for you, blame evolution. At the end of the day, personality is what should be the deciding factor anyway. Right? 

The research article by Markus Jokela can be found here if you want to find out more:

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Very interesting article! I believe the phycology behind why attractive women have more children is because they want to pass down their genes. I wish there was more information on the experiment itself because a women being attractive is all subjective. I wonder if this contributes a major factor to over population?

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