Are we all born equal? (Part 1)


One of the biggest debates in the world is the debate of nature vs. nurture. If you have ever taken any type of psychology class and anything like it you might know a little bit about it. I learned about this debate in my high school AP Psychology class and I found it to be extremely intriguing and which side of the debate I should favor divided me. If you look at the whole topic as a whole it might be hard to decide which side is really the truth. So I decided to pick a smaller topic and see if I could come a conclusion. I decided to look into whether or not every single person is born with the same mental capability.

Obviously there are people in this world that are smarter than others. However, I'm not here to spot them out, I'm here to ask the question about whether or not they were brought up to be smart or it was simply in their genes to be smarter. If it were nature then it would be completely out of that person's control to be smart. If it were nurture then the person's parents could have influenced their intelligence.

There are examples of both sides of the debate that make each of them seem like the right answer. We've all seen or heard of a baby that was just smart. Was it because the mother played Beethoven to her baby when it was in the womb, or was it because that mother was a genius and passed it along to the child through genes.

I will be dividing this post into two so that I can dive deeper into each of these topics with more information to back up each side to give everyone a better chance to overcome that inner battle with themselves about nature or nurture.

Here's an interesting website  to get your minds working.

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