Are Teeth Whitening Products Harmful?

I am one of those people that love a bright white smile. Having white teeth is not something that comes natural, though. We all start off with white teeth, but over time that bright white smile changes to a more yellow color. This is where many of us turn to at home teeth whitening kits. I, myself, use a whitening kit for my teeth just to use whenever I feel it to be necessary. Never once have I thought about the harm these kits could be doing to my teeth. Is it possible that by using these at home teeth whitening kits could actually be ruining my teeth?

 According to Sean Poulter, these kits are doing just that. The majority of these kits are full of chemicals like bleach. I knew already that bleach was in whitening kits, but want many of us did not know is the amount of bleach in them. It is way past the legal limit which means that this could harm our mouths by causing irritation and burning. 

 Another article by Christina Han, states that at home remedies are not bad for you if you use them in moderation. They were only meant for use about one to twice a year. Many people over use these kits because they are available and cheap in the stores. People figure why not, but this is what is damaging teeth. Sometimes people over use these kits so much that their teeth will actually look almost blue from the damaged enamel. When your teeth start becoming really sensitive, that is the cue to stop with at home teeth whiteners. white teeth.jpg


It's a bit off topic, but I find it interesting how teeth are connected to overall body health. Certain types of oral bacteria have been known to affect the walls of blood vessels, and plaque buildup has been linked with heart disease. I guess that while it's good to keep white teeth, you should always choose the natural route if you have your wellbeing in mind. A link to elaborate on what I'm talking about can be found below:


Thank you for supplying this information. I too sought out products like Crest 3D Pro whitening strips but never really looked into the dangers of whitening and when to stop. I don't use the strips anymore but I do use the everyday toothpaste from Crest. This article from LA Times states essentially the exact same thing you said but also looks into the toothpastes and says it's definitely the better option because it doesn't penetrate deep into your tooth, it removes stains on the surface. I personally find that a little baking soda and using a banana peel on my teeth works best! It's natural and safe.

I myself do not use whitening products because, for all of the reasons you pointed out, I am scared to use them! When I found out bleach was found in these whitening products I got very worried for the people that do use these products because bleach is one of the last things that should be in the human body. I was actually reading an article about teeth whitening strips and found out that one of the chemicals that whitens your teeth so well is the same chemical that is used to clean swimming pools-chlorine dioxide. Instead of actually protecting your teeth, these products are making your teeth more susceptible to damage by removing the enamel on your teeth and making them more sensitive. If you want to read an article that I was reading about a woman who because addicted to these whitening products, check out this link!

I tried an at-home teeth whitening kit one time and hated it. My teeth must be sensitive to the chemicals found in the product like you said.

My question is is why producers are not obligated to tell consumers that they are supposed to be used so sparingly. Obviously companies are in it for the money, but if these products are so dangerous, they should be regulated in some way.

Crest 3D White was the only producer to supply some info on the dangers of their product in a Google search of "dangers of at home teeth whitening." With all the different companies out there making these products, more producers should be doing the same.

I have used Crest White Strips numerous times and have noticed that they do work. My dentist always told me to wait till I was 18 to even think about using them because of teeth enamel. My mom used to also tell me that if I kept using them they, they would make my teeth become clear almost. But, I know my mom was just trying to get me not to use them because after reading this, I researched it. There is no evidence of that, unless you over use them. The article I read on WebMD ( pretty much just says to be careful and check with your dentist first. Just like anything else, too much of it is bad. But if used properly and in moderation, your teeth should be fine.
An alternative that does not have bleach or hydrogen peroxide in it is teeth whitening toothpaste, which I use on a daily basis.

Just like you, and a ton of other people, I use at home whitening kits. I use crest white strips, I always have and I feel they work the best. What I have noticed though is that the enamel on my teeth isnt as strong as it was before. I asked my dentist and she said this can be from whitening. She told me, just like you said, that whitening isn't bad in moderation. I started using regular baking soda on my teeth and noticed a huge different just from this! Whitening toothpaste is also a great thing to use on a daily basis! I found an article about using baking soda, because I use it often enough...I am actually pretty surprised at some of the things it says, I might be changing my mind about it now!

I love my teeth (i know, its weird) so obviously I'm drawn to this topic. I have experienced many teeth whitening techniques. From whitening strips, to bleaching trays, whitening toothpaste, and even the banana peel trick. The one that I know causes damage to teeth from personal experience is the bleaching tray. Every time I did it, it would cause my teeth to be extremely sensitive, and white. Teeth aren't naturally sensitive so I figure its not good for you. Thats why I stopped doing that one. However, the home remedies such as the banana peel I don't believe that it can harm your teeth because it's essentially pumping minerals and vitamins into your teeth making them nice and white.

I'm really glad you mentioned this! I've always wanted to try the whitening strips. I don't have yellow teeth, but due to the amount of coffee I drink I feel like my teeth can always be whiter. My roommate last year, her dad is a dentist so she would constantly bleach her teeth and I find she is more sensitive to cold foods and hot foods than I am. I want to try some home remedies and see if they work! My roommate this year uses toothpaste with baking soda and it bothers my teeth! I guess I'll have to deal with off-white teeth.

Is there a chemical that whitens teeth without damaging it?

If the bleach found in certain whiteners is hazardous, how is it legally available for use?

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