Are tattoos bad for your skin?

When I got my first tattoo I specifically remember thinking three things before actually getting it done; could I live with this tattoo for the rest of my life, would it effect me getting a job in the future, and how pissed were my parents going to be. All these thoughts were pretty reasonable in my mind but it wasn't until months and another tattoo later that I started thinking about another question that should've been of the utmost importance before i even got my first tattoo.; are tattoos bad for my skin?tumblr_mron7gT9ET1rqcrv8o1_500.jpg
Tattoos are technically a bunch of punctures into the skin that are then filled with dye to produce whatever picture or text you want. Now when this is done correctly, in a sterile environment, by someone who knows what they are doing complications, besides the immediate discomfort and slight bleeding, are uncommon. But there are other potential complications that are important to always keep in mind. Some risks include a bacterial infection (indicated by redness and/or pus-like drainage at the tattoo site) or a serious allergic reaction to the dye used in the tattoo which is why it is always a good idea to leave the tattoo parlor with a list of dyes that were used in your tattoo after you get it done, just incase you end up having an allergic reaction. A more serious risk is the spread of an infectious disease which you can get from the use of dirty equipment. The diseases you could contract include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, tetanus, or HIV. To be safe you should always make sure that the the parlor is using some sort of heat sterilization machine on all non-disposable equipment before you get your tattoo and that all the needles and tubes are being removed from sterile packaging before your tattoo session. 

As long as you are careful and follow all the instructions given to you by your tattoo artist you should be able to enjoy your tattoo with out having to worry about any kind of complications. For more information about being able to protect your skin while still being able to get a tattoo visit here for more information. 

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So happy that you wrote about this topic because I am extremely interested in getting a tattoo. I have some reservations, and this helped me to cope with them. I have really sensitive skin. For example every piercing that I had ended up getting infected and removed. So I can only imagine what would happen to my tattoo if I were to have a reaction. I like the idea you gave about having a list of the ink used. I'll remember that tip just in case!
This link brings to light other possible complications from tattoos:

I have actually been very interested in getting a tattoo on my wrist for a while now but I am still heavily debating against it. It is not because of the risk of getting an infection but because of professional reasons and how they effect getting x-rays. My parents have always tried freaking me out with the thought that tattoos cause cancer but thankfully they were wrong. The best thing to do with getting a tattoo or piercing is to get it professionally done (no matter how small the task may be) and just follow the guidelines. I got two piercings done in my cartilage and was very hesitant about getting it done since I heard horror stories about how unbearably painful it is or how the body rejects them and you are more prone to getting infections. I presented these concerns to my professional and she told me that people just overreacted about them and that they are safe and tolerable to get. It's been one month and I have had no issues with them, except for the time I got hugged so hard that my ear was swollen for a week and slight soreness from being freshly done. All in all, tattoos do not seem like a health issue as long as the person follows whatever their professional tells them.

There are so many things to consider before getting tatted, especially the reasons you listed. I've always been aware of the risks for infection and the importance of finding a professional and sterile environment to allow this to happen. It's not hard to find a good parlor. Especially with online reviews and with the trending of tattoos being more widespread these days, more and more shops are opening up, all striving to be the best. Getting inked isn't something that you think of doing in a whim, it's an idea that you need to ponder on for a long time before making the final jump. Here's an article I found useful:

My parents have lectured me about tattoos more times than I can count, but I they never mentioned anything about potential diseases! I guess we all just live with such a mindset that nothing bad will ever happen to us, and in cases like sterilized tattoo equipment, it's not always in our control. Finding clean, trustable tattoo parlors is obviously a key part - you can't trust just anyone! I have my belly button pierced and I spent a lot of time researching reliable tattoo parlors before getting it done. The potential diseases you mentioned are nothing to ignore, and it's important that people are aware of these risks.

Victoria , this post is very interesting and informative. Even though I have never shown any serious interest in getting a tattoo my mom and dad always freak out every time I bring it up ! They always list off all the potential diseases like you did. Its very scary to think about . My roommate has two tattoos already and just made an appointment a week from today to get another one ! I am very excited for her but I am also kind of nervous. Tattoos are super serious and I hope everything works out! Here is an article with more information...

Your blog reminded me of the Bridesmaids scene when Rebel Wilson's character gets this really awful looking tattoo that is extremely infected because she got it by someone operating from a van...not exactly reliable. Anyway, I think it's really great you wrote about this because it's so informative. The tattoos I've gotten I have made sure I went to a place where other people have gone and theirs turned out fine. Like you said, it's important to find a reputable place before making a permanent decision.

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