Are People Drinking and Eating Themselves to Death?

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The other day I stumbled upon a Wall Street Journal Article about fatty liver disease and I was intrigued by what researches have noticed, so I decided to look into it. According to the article, fatty liver disease is becoming more and more prevalent. One thing that's suggested to cause this is fructose, which is found in a lot of sugary foods and drinks. After searching the internet to find out how many foods and drinks really contain fructose I found out that there is a ridiculous amount of drinks and foods that have a crazy amount of fructose in them.

I found a great website that has an extensive list of items that contain fructose. Here is a top 50 list that I found really interesting. One food on there I found really interesting was number 6, honey. Im a person that loves honey more than anything in the world (I know it's kind of weird) so this isn't the most pleasant news to me. 

In the WSJ article it explains that this leads to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and if it isn't treated, it could possibly turn into cirrhosis which could in the end cause the liver to stop working and require a liver transplant. 

A way to help prevent this is to watch what you eat, try to limit yourself to how much fructose you eat. Also, exercising could help too, and it'll make you look good.

Here's a great picture showing how liver disease progresses from the Wall Street Journal Article .

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I found your post very interesting, as I have seen, as of late, a media-driven rally around the defense of high-fructose corn syrup. The will to prove that it's "just like everything else, good in moderation", as so many outlets are trying to convey, is a little hard to believe now that I've seen your findings. I find it so incredibly disgusting that one's own liver has the ability to turn into fat, and therefore, has the potential to become completely unable to function. This has definitely made me think twice about what I put into my body, and I will certainly be passing along this message to friends and family!

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