An Aids/Hiv vaccine not as far away as we think?

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Scientists at Oregon Health and Science University have discovered a way to rid the body of an aids causing virus. Currently the vaccine is being tested on primates and all participants were cleared of the virus after the vaccination was complete. The vaccination has a way to stimulate T-cell growth and allow the cells to grow back if the body were to be infected. Monkeys are step one, humans are the next stop. If scientists were able to make this vaccination work on humans, it may be the biggest medical discovery ever! Imagine if we were able to cure the world of aids? Productivity and health would be at an all time high! If this does work, I think the first step is giving the vaccine to the many suffering people in Africa. People could be cured and lives could be saved. Africa could be an extremely productive part of the world! The continent has many untapped natural resources, and if the citizens were healthy, education would be at an all time high. Along with many other countries plagued by the terrible disease, Africa would be a completely different place. I, for one, will continue to keep an eye on this story and see if we can successfully transfer the vaccine from primates to humans. If you would like to read the article check it out at this website!

1 Comment

Wow, I had no idea that a cure for AIDS was even being tested right now! It upsets me that such a potentially huge discovery is not even being talked about. If we are able to transfer the vaccine to humans, the world would be a completely different place. I think it's important that more people stay up-to-date with scientific discoveries like this one - they could be life-changing in such a short amount of time! I will definitely be following this story to see what happens in the months to come.

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