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I have often heard the phrase "addictive personality" tossed around a lot, but have never know for sure if there is such a thing or if this is just a figure of speech. It turns out that there has never been something discovered like a gene that makes people prone to addictions, but some people are more likely to get addictions than others.


One theory is that the systems in the brain that control the way you feel may have deficiencies that cause people to seek stimulation somewhere else. Someone who is depressed may be prone to abusing stimulants to increase their energy to make themselves feel better. However this is not the only explanation. There are also the chemical properties of the drugs themselves that cause powerful withdrawal symptoms. In order to remedy these symptoms the user needs to come back for more and more or the drug. You can see where I got these facts and more here


Not all addictions are to a physical substance. There are also behavioral addictions, which are caused by things like gambling. People with this type of addiction are often using a certain behavior as a distraction from something in their lives. This leads to obsessively thinking and acting on whatever the person is addicted to. Some people are more likely to develop a behavioral addiction than others. Someone is more likely to develop a gambling addiction if they are male and have a family history with gambling addictions. To see where I got these facts on behavioral addictions look here


It seems as though the phrase addictive personality has some truth to it, but it is not the whole story. Sure certain chemical imbalances can cause addictions, but there are also addictions caused by people just trying to escape their lives.



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Great article, very interesting. I have been told by family and friends that I myself have an addictive personality, and I have I guess proved them right. I'm pretty addicted to the nicotine in chewing tobacco and have been counseled before for a drinking and marijuana problem. I would like to say that neither of my parents drink or use drugs or chew tobacco, so I don't believe it's a paternal thing. for some more info on the topic

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