Adderall: Prescription Necessary?


I'm sure that you are all aware of the very common "study" drug known as Adderall.  Adderall has become a very hot topic in recent years due to its amount of use and abuse.  Initially, Adderall was a prescription drug given to patients who had trouble concentrating, however, it has now seemed to progress into a commonly used drug for college students when it comes down to studying and "extracurricular activities."  I often pondered the question of whether or not ADHD was an actual disease or just a personality trait that would ultimately be worked out with age.  It seems as though this is not the case due to the amount of prescriptions for the so called "study" drug that have been given out.  It turns out that students at USC did a study of the effects of the drug, the chemical makeup, and the abuse of the drug.  Quite honestly, the chemical makeup of the drug is not a thing for someone like me to be explaining but the lasting effects of the drug did make me stop and think.  Essentially, the more Adderall that one takes, the more that is needed to feel an effect.  This is not a good thing to hear for college students that frequently take the drug to get the grade they desire.  The FDA even did a study between 2000-2005 and found that 1,000 patients with the proper diagnoses experienced mania and psychosis with symptoms of hallucinations.

I'm not trying to say that the drug is necessarily bad for you, but I wonder what the progression of the drug will be.  Will future generations become more and more dependent on the drug at a younger age or will the negative effects wash away the use of the drug? 


Adderall has become a drug that college students are abusing nowadays because I know many people who have the prescription and don't really seem like they need it. I also wonder if ADHD is an actual disease because when I went to Peru two summers ago I asked the lady at the pharmacy if they carry adderall (in Peru you don't need prescriptions, everything is over the counter) and the pharmacist working there had no idea what drug that was. It seems to me that in foreign countries this drug, adderall is not really popular but here in the USA it just seems to be over prescribed. Check out this link

It's so interesting that you posted an article about adderall because half the people I know take it like it's candy. I actually think it's pretty pathetic that the second finals week comes around, everyone and their brother is popping an addy in the library. I'm no doctor, but I don't think this can be healthy at all. Not to mention, if you're not prescribed to it all the time, why do you need it just to study? I believe adderall is a bad excuse for laziness. Don't get me wrong, we all want to get the best grades for the least amount of work, but when it comes to studying, I believe people could do just as well if they just took the time to sit down and concentrate. No one needs to use a drug as a crutch. I found a great article about this "smart drug" in the New York Times. It's a great read, check it out.

It's scary that a drug used to treat ADHD is a commonplace on college campuses everywhere. I have friends that have prescriptions even though they do not actually have ADHD, which clearly shows there's a fault in the system. Like you said, the more you take it, the worse it is for you, but when it comes to getting good grades, a lot of students don't seem to care. Something I found even more disturbing... Adderall is becoming a "party drug." You can read more about that here:

From what I have researched, it can easily be concluded that ADD and ADHD medicine like Adderall is over prescribed. A doctor diagnosed my brother with ADHD when he was very young (elementary school age). My parents refused to put him on medicine because of the alarmingly dangerous side effects. My brother is currently a junior, at the top of his class, and actually somewhat introverted compared to the rambunctious child he was years ago. The fact of the matter is, we grow up, and have plenty of opportunities to deal with ADD in less harmful ways. But, most choose to opt for the "quick fix," which turns into a dangerous and destructive path.

Sometimes I think ADD has an overly negative connotation, more people should learn to embrace the positive characteristics of it. Read up on them here:

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