A bag of air??

Who knew it was legal to sell bags of air?! Well, apparently Lay's thinks it's cool to rip off thier customers. I am at the library right now writing the blog and I had bought some food before I came to do work. I was so excited to have a nice big bag of sour cream and onion chips to munch on. However, when I opened the bag I was disappointed. In fact, this is what my bag looked like:

photo copy.JPG

Therefore, as an angry customer, I decided to do some research and ask why companies, like Lays, do this. Apparently a lot of people have this same question because I found several results. (One customer was so mad that he posted a video of himself calling out Frito Lay on the decline in the amount of chips in each bag.)

Of course, Lay's hasn't published any articles or reports explaining why there is so little chips in every bag. Therefore, I am left wondering. According to gingery.juke there is a lot of air for packing reasons. He explains that chips are "breakable" and in order to have them keep their crunchy shape, companies are forced to put a lot of air in the bag. I mean I guess this makes some sense. I would probably be more disappointed if I bought a bag of smushed, broken chips. We all know that nobody wants to finish the chip bag that's been sitting in the kitchen for a few weeks with only crumbs left. Gingery.juke also explains that companies aren't "'trying to get money from [us].'" He explains in his response that it depends on the brand of chips you're purchasing. All companies make their chips differently, he states that Lays, for example, cooks very "thin fried chips." Not only are their chips extremely thin, but they use "thin film-like packing material for their chips." OOOOOOHH. Things are making a lot more sense now. Now that he pointed this out and I think about it, I have never felt like Tosito's was ripping me off. And if this packaging/frying idea is correct it makes a lot more sense. It is true that Tostito's are much thicker corn chips and their bags are stronger and tougher. Also, their chips fill at least 90% of the bag. So for now, I will give Lay's the benefit of the doubt but I would still like to read or see some information from their company regarding the chip production process. If anyone finds anything feel free to comment and help me out! But then again I should probably stop eating chips and get healthy, oh well.

Also, If you too are angry about the fact that there's so little chips in your bag, get your voice heard here. You can actually review the Lay's chips, tell them how you really feel, because I know I am!


This post is actually really funny because I think most of us have gone through the excitement of buying a bag of chips, only to open it and find it's half empty. Thanks to your research I guess I do completely understand now the reasoning behind all the air in the bag and totally agree that it's better to get half the amount of chips but in good condition than a bag full of crushed ones. Lay's are my favorite chip but brands like Herr's or Tostito's, as you mentioned, without a doubt have more in the bag so I still feel like they are more worth the money. I found another interesting (and funny) article of a few other ways grocery stores/manufacturers rip you off. http://www.cracked.com/article_18994_6-subtle-ways-youre-getting-screwed-at-grocery-store.html

Katelyn ! This post is so funny and yet so relatable ! I know that every time I open chips I immediately get SO MAD. I feel like i'm getting ripped off. Although after reading your article , I feel a little better about things. It does make sense that they are using the bags as easy transportation so the chips don't break and that the bags themselves are thinner than other bags so this all makes sense ! I found this really funny video on youtube that expresses how i'm sure a lot of the population feels... haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oA-UWOjexU

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