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      Hello and good evening to my fellow Science 200 classmates! My name is Michael Rangel, and I am a graduating Psychology (B.S.) Major with a focus within Neuropsychology. I was born in Philadelphia, and I frequently travel out of the country (Colombia specifically) to visit my family. I am going to be the first person in my entire family to graduate from a University, and I am honestly proud to say that it was Penn State that gave me the opportunity to do so. However, as a Senior, there is a stronger sense of pride to know that according to the United Stated 2012 Census, 27.5% of the population have acquired a College education and as of 2013, the 'Pennsylvania State University' is also ranked the top 50 University in the world!

     Now, as a Psychology major, I feel as though I have the upmost curiosity to learn more, not only about how one interacts with one another and their environment, but more so about the natural world around us. Albeit, despite being a Neuropsychology major, I'm required to take plenty of Science related courses, including Chemistry, Neurobiology and Biology courses. Never the less,  I absolutely love Science, and originally, I was a Biology major, but due to a severe burnout, I decided to retire from the major and pursue a mixture of both Natural Science, and Social Science. In the end, I'm happy with my decision to become a Neuropsychology major. If anyone is curious about Neuropsychology, feel free to ask questions about the major, but it is truly a fascinating major.

       If I had any words of advice for anyone whose a lower class-men, I would say the following: Enjoy the next 4 years of your life. This is a moment in your life where a lot of self-discovering occurs, from the good, bad and the ugly. One will make memorable friends who would walk through Hell and back for you, and most likely, you would do that same for them. Join clubs, go out and socialize, learn about your Professors' but above all, study. Do not forget the reason why you are here at Penn State. Do not fear failure either, instead learn from these faults and improve on them, trust me, I've made my fair share of screw-ups, but I am proud of them.


So, whose ready to do Science?

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