What rhymes with hug me?


Coming into class sweatier than I prefer to be on a first day, I take my seat near the middle with my two friends. Expecting nearly nothing as class proceeds, Andrew talks more and more about topics we covered in Bi Sci 003--like the fact that we are made from star dust....What?  

To be honest, I registered for this class because it was on Onward State's link of easy gen eds...who isn't looking to boost their GPA? At the same time I am also looking to gain a better perspective on science after I had horrible experiences with it in high school. Though, I do admit that the philosophical approach to science interests me so much. That probably also explains why I am not a science major... also because business has interested me since day one. Coming from a very "businessy" family, I now plan to study Supply Chain Management and couldn't be more excited.  The extent of my experimentation with science when I was younger consisted of putting two liters of soda together connected by a tube and swirled water around creating a "tornado" adding colored food dye when I wanted. My name is Alexa Sofranko and hopefully this semester I can broaden my current scientific knowledge (aka none) and take it to the next level.


PS. Wondering what rhymes with hug me? 



I always wondered what did rhyme with "hug me" so thank you for that. By the way, if you thought Bill Nye was dead, like everyone else, he's not. Check it out

The mystery is solved!


I loved making tornadoes in elementary school. It was the coolest science experience ever. I am also looking to expand my scientific horizon but to also get an A...whichever is more convenient?

What are you looking forward to learning about the most?

I can totally relate being very sweaty entering in class... its the worst. Also, I too registered for the class because I heard that it was an easy gen ed as well. However I am happy that its more interesting that I thought.

Great picture by the way! My favorite episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy

Look Forward to taking class with you as well!

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