Time For Some Science.

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Whats up everybody!


1. Why am I doing this course?

I am doing this course because I need the Gen Ed credit and also I hear from the upperclassmen that it is a fun course to take. I like talking about questions that can't be answered because what I think can never be wrong, and its always fun to listen to other people telling me their views on a topic.

2. Why am I not planning to be a Science Major?

I am not planning to be a Science major because I am nowhere near interested in Science enough to be making a career out of it. Also I don't feel like I have the persistence needed in a Scientist.


For all you science lovers, check this link out for

<a href=http://scienceblogs.com/>Science!!!</a>



I look forward to listening and talking about science with all of you! Peace.


1 Comment

Hey guys sorry for the link not working!

If you guys want to check it out Click Here

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