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Hello fellow students!

My name is Jordan, and I am a junior this year at PSU. I transferred from PSU New Kensington, where I attended my first two years. Why am I taking this course you may wonder? I have struggled with all science courses as far back as I remember. I failed a human bio course my freshman year, and barely passed a meteorology course last semester. To fulfill my requirements as a Poli Sci major I do need to pass one more science course, and this is where SC 200 comes into play.

Why am I not planning to be a science major? Well actually, my major is Political Science so I am studying the science of politics, but science has never interested me much. Science is very fascinating, but you have to have a unique sort of mind to be able to grasp all that it contains. So I will be happy learning via 'Andrew,' and am thankful to be a part of his out of the box teaching style. 255563_10151054888770248_2023541039_n.jpg

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I'm planning to double in business and poli sci which is why I was attracted to your post. I couldn't agree more that Science is just not easy. Like you, I have never done well in my science classes. I'm so thankful Penn State realizes science isn't for everyone and gives this class as an option. This video is the kind of science that interests me!


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