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Hello class, my name is Brennan Azevedo and I am writing this blog for the second time due to my stupidity. A little about myself, I am a 20 year old Sophomore studying Finance in the Smeal College of Business. I came to Penn State from a town outside of Philly (like most of you in this class) called Richboroo and I went to Council Rock High School South. I like to think that I have a very rich history, but I don't actually know how "rich" my life actually is, because after all is my life. I was born and lived in a place for 8 years of my life where most of you will never go. Brazil. Yes, this is when you say "woah your life is rich" but wait, that's not all! I also have an identical twin brother. So if you see two brazilian clones, its most likely us.

Now for the interesting part, why am I taking this class? During my freshmen year I took two very boring and dry science classes that didn't interest me at all (CHEM 101 and EGEE 101). I heard from people that have taken this course that any person would find it interesting, hence why I'm here writing this blog for the second time... The reason why I'm not a science major is actually quite simple. In high school math and science were both my best subjects and when I came Penn State I had a question to answer, should I pursue a major with numbers or science? After my semester I knew the answer after all of my science-major friends told me how hard CHEM 110 was. My answer was become a Finance major. Either way, no matter what I picked I would have considered it a win-win. 

 I think my pictures on Instagram are... cool? You be the judge and let me know. There's a picture of and my twin. Yes, we do have twin telepathy.


Hey Brennan! I am actually a twin too but I'm a fraternal twin. I'm a freshman and I am looking forward to majoring in Finance! My twin brother is also attending Penn State but majoring in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. In high school we participated in the same clubs and sports, but we're not telepathic.:( I thought this website was interesting and hopefully you'll find it that way too! http://voices.yahoo.com/the-unique-bond-twins-191737.html?cat=25

Your picture made this blog a bit more interesting and definitely less dreadful due to you being on the beach just having the time of your life. I found it interesting that you are a twin. Ever since I was younger I wanted to be a twin. Are you interested in the science of twins such as the biological make up and what are the odds of you reproducing twins (if in the event you want to start your own family)? I think that would be something cool to blog about

Oh here is the link I was suppose to post http://www.babymed.com/info/twins-what-are-odds-having-twins

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